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Tuition Discounts

See Education Assistance Programs policy update - changes go into effect 9/1/2012.

Vanderbilt provides tuition discounts for spouses and eligible dependent children of faculty and staff. Applicable waiting periods must be met prior to registration.

  • Staff. After three months of employment, full-time staff may audit one Vanderbilt course of up to three hours per semester. Tuition will be waived as long as you have the instructor's permission to attend. Staff may receive a 70% discount at Vanderbilt or other accredited institutions for courses taken for credit. A maximum of one three-hour course each semester and three courses each school year may be taken.

  • Spouses of Staff. After three months of employment, spouses of full-time staff may receive a 47% discount at Vanderbilt for one non-degree course per semester.

  • Children of Staff. See the Tuition Benefit for My Child website.

The Tuition Forms can be found under Tools and Forms