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Check Your Wellness Credit Balance: Aetna

Vanderbilt's award winning Go for the Gold program provides a wellness credit of up to $240 per year to faculty and staff paying for Vanderbilt Health Plan benefits.

If you participate in Go for the Gold, and you are enrolled in the health plan, you can check the balance of your wellness credit on the Aetna website.

Check your Wellness Credit Balance

1. Go to the Aetna website.

2. Log in with your user ID and password. If you are not a registered user, you will need to sign up by using information on your Aetna member card.

aetna homepage

3. Once you are logged in, look in the left column and click on the link for "View Incentives."

aetna website

4. Next you will see the Incentive Reward Programs screen. Choose the plan year from the "View incentives for plan starting on" dropdown menu. Then, under the "Program" pulldown, select the level of Go for the Gold that you completed (Bronze, Silver or Gold). The screen will refresh and you will see your total wellness credit dollars for that plan year.

aetna website

If you have questions about your wellness credit,contact the Employee Service Center.