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Human Resources

Human Resources

Wanted: Great Nursing Professionals Like You!

VUMC Nurse Referral Program

This program is designed to encourage Vanderbilt’s great employees to refer former colleagues, classmates or friends who are BSN-prepared nurses that they would like to work alongside at Vanderbilt. The nurse referral program will begin on Jan. 7, 2015 and end on April 7, 2015. The program is structured as follows.

Vanderbilt will pay $2,500 to any Vanderbilt University or Medical Center employee who successfully refers a BSN nurse with at least one year of prior experience for a full-time nursing position during the time frame of the program. This will be paid in two installments:

    • $1,250 once the nurse has been employed 90 days
    • $1,250 once the nurse has worked at Vanderbilt for one year

How to Refer a Nurse

Vanderbilt employees who want to refer a nurse should follow these steps:

  1. Ask the nurse to go to the Work at Vanderbilt website and complete an online application.
  2. Make sure the nurse adds the Vanderbilt employee's name as the referral when he or she completes the initial application/profile.

Vanderbilt will "fast track" any referral applications as quickly as possible.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • The nurse must submit an initial (first time) application between the dates the referral program is active.
  • The employee referral must be included at the time of the initial application.
  • The nurse must have a BSN degree and at least one year of experience.
  • The nurse must be hired into a .75 or higher FTE position
  • The referring employee must be an active employee with Vanderbilt at the time of pay out. PRN and VTS staff are eligible to participate.

The following people are not eligible to participate:

  • Human Resources staff, Executive Leadership staff, hiring managers, and employees involved in the recruiting and selection process for the Nurse Referral Bonus Program.
  • Faculty (including Faculty Nurse Practitioners)
  • Former Vanderbilt nurses are not eligible to be submitted as referrals unless their employment was over 1 year ago (before 1/7/14)


Contact Elizabeth Neal at 615.343.8809 or Novonda Lilly at 615.343.4043.