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Frequently Asked Questions: Vacation Accruals

See the Flex Paid Time Off policy for information about flexPTO.

Q: When did the vacation policy become effective?
A: The new vacation policy is in effect July 1, 1998.

Q: What changes with the new policy?
A: The new policy requires that vacation accruals cease for those staff at or above two times their annual accrual rate beginning in July 2000. The policy also clarifies the accrual rates and usage for staff working other than 8-hour days.

Q: Will I lose vacation accruals I have in excess of two times my annual accrual rate?
A: The policy maximum is two times your annual accrual rate. Staff in excess should immediately establish a plan with their supervisors to use vacation to reduce the balance below the maximum. Accruals will cease for all staff above the maximum beginning July 2000, but they will continue to accrue vacation hours until that time.

Q: If I am scheduled to work more or less than 8 hours per day, how do I accrue and record vacations?
A: Hourly-paid staff will accrue vacation hours based on a percentage of 40-hours per week per the accrual schedule in the policy. Hourly-paid staff should use and record vacation hours for missed days based on the normal number of hours scheduled for each day of work missed. For instance, an hourly-paid staff member working four 10-hour days per week should record 20 hours of vacation for missing two days of work (50% of a work week). Meanwhile, an hourly-paid staff member working five 8-hour days per week should record 16 hours of vacation for missing two days of work (40% of a work week).

Exempt staff will accrue vacation based on the standard 5-day/8-hour workweek. The vacation days are equated to standard hours for tracking and accrual purposes. For instance, a staff member working four 10-hour days per week will accrue 120 hours (160 hours after 5 years) of vacation per year, which equates to 12 days (16 days after 5 years) per year. This exempt staff member should be charged with using 10 hours of vacation per day of work missed.

Q: When can vacation payouts occur?
A: Staff should only receive a vacation payout at the termination of their regular staff employment. This normally will occur at termination. Also, a vacation payout can occur for a transfer to a position with faculty benefits or a transfer to a temporary position as outlined in the Transfers Policy. (For additional information, please refer to the Transfer Policy.)

Q: Who do I call for additional information about the vacation policy?

A: For questions regarding the administration of this policy, call Employee Relations at 322-7259.

For questions regarding years of service for accrual rates, call Human Resource Records Management at 322-8310.

For questions regarding existing accrual balances, review the balances on timesheets, paychecks, and monthly reports sent to PAF Responsible Persons or contact Payroll at 343-6606 or Medical Payroll at 2-6064.