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    The Recruiter's Role

    Salary Recommendations

    Quick Summary of Procedures

    The Self-Audit Report

    PMF - Things to Keep in Mind

    Canceling or Placing a Position on Hold

    Job Postings

    Background Checks

    Screening and Viewing Applications




    The Recruiter’s Role


    In addition to helping you find the best candidates for your open positions, your Recruiter is also a valuable resource who is available to answer your questions about Vanderbilt policies and procedures and state and national employment requirements.  Your Recruiter can offer recommendations and information that will help insure that you are in compliance with the regulations monitored by the Opportunity Development Center (ODC).  They may also be considered your doorway to Human Resources, providing contact information and insight into additional services.  Don’t hesitate to make use of the knowledge and skills that are available to enhance the employment experience for you and your staff.


    Quick Summary of Recruitment Procedures


    1. Hiring Official - Completes PMF and forwards for appropriate signatures.  PDQ should also be completed for creating new or reclassifying existing positions.
    2. Recruiter – Receives PMF, contacts hiring official if clarification of needs is needed, enters position into Recruiting Solutions and posts position on Vanderbilt Jobline
    3. RecruiterScreens applications and recommends best candidates for the position to Hiring Official by forwarding candidate information
    4. Recruiter- Completes SAR for all candidates not forwarded to hiring manager
    5. Hiring Official– Reviews applications received and schedules interviews with those in whom he/she is interested. Those Hiring Officials who have received Targeted Selection training should discuss with the Recruiter the role the Recruiter will play in the interview process.
    6. Hiring Official - Redirects candidates who attempt to apply directly to department to complete online application through HR
    7. Hiring Official - Notifies recruiter if more applications are needed.
    8. Hiring Official – Notifies candidates in whom he/she is NOT interested that they are no longer being considered for position  (email or letter through post)
    9. Hiring Official - Selects candidate to hire
    10. Hiring Official – Requests salary recommendation from Recruiter for candidate whom he/she is considering hiring
    11. Recruiter– Completes salary recommendation – responds with results to Hiring Official
    12. Hiring Official – Obtains references on candidate including most recent VU supervisor if candidate is current or past employee
    13. Hiring Official - Notifies Recruiter to begin background check if offer of position to candidate is inevitable
    14. Recruiter - Obtains signed Background Consent Form from candidate
    15. Recruiter – Begins background check – notifies Hiring Official with results when completed (if does not pass, Hiring Official moves to next candidate – Recruiter will notify non-eligible candidate)
    16. Hiring Official or Recruiter – Makes offer to candidate (conditional on results of background and reference checks)
    17. Hiring Official – Notifies Recruiter of new employee’s Start Date
    18. Hiring Official – sends PAF to payroll, arranges for Orientation for new hire
    19. Recruiter – Closes position
    20. Hiring Official – Completes online SAR for all candidates whose applications he/she has received from Recruiter.
    21. Recruiter – Archives position


    PMF – Things to Keep in Mind





    Job Posting



    Screening and Viewing Applications


    Salary Recommendations


    The SAR


    Canceling or placing a position on Hold



    Background Checks


    Vanderbilt University is committed to principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action.

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    Last Updated: October 19, 2009

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