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HR Leadership Foundation

Organizational Effectiveness

The HR Leadership Foundation series (previously Building Your Human Resource Leadership Foundations) provides every supervisor with the necessary tools to build a successful supervisory foundation. Participants will enhance their skills in attracting and hiring new staff, developing and coaching staff, managing performance and behavior and reducing legal and employee relations problems.


Six modules make up the Foundations series. We recommend that you take the modules in order but this isn’t necessary if the timing is not convenient.

Module 2 – Targeted Selection is for hiring managers only. If you are not a hiring manager, you can still receive recognition for completion of this series if you complete the remaining modules.


Module 1 - Hiring New Staff

Hiring the right people is absolutely critical to the success of an organization. Through scenarios and activities, participants will experience the process of bringing a new person on board from the initial position approval through to the final processing.

After attending this workshop, the learner will be able to:

  • Explain Vanderbilt's administrative processes for recruiting
  • Locate resources and tools to assist with the hiring process
  • Define the role and responsibilities of the recruiter and of the hiring official
  • Access and utilize Vanderbilt's electronic system for requisitioning and hiring employees - TalentCentral

Leaders who previously completed TalentCentral training may stay for a review or leave after the other topics have been covered.

4 hours $60 Register/Check Dates and Availability
Module 2 - Targeted Selection

Targeted Selection is Vanderbilt’s approach for consistency when hiring managers are interviewing and selecting new employees. Targeted Selection training for hiring managers will develop a variety of key behavioral interviewing skills and sharpen existing skills to improve selection decisions. The skills and techniques learned in this workshop are immediately applicable on the job.
Upon completion of the two day training session, you will receive certification as a Targeted Selection interviewer. You will also have access to the competency-based interview guides for the various job families within Vanderbilt.

Instructors: Tammy Key, Pam Brown, Stephanie Brodtrick

Topics include:

  • The interview process
  • Identifying job dimensions
  • Opening and closing interviews
  • Building rapport with candidates
  • Behavioral questions and follow-up questions
  • Motivational fit
  • Integrating data from multiple interviewers
  • Skill practice with actual candidates

16 hours

8:00 am – 5:00 pm on
2 consecutive days

See Targeted Selection page for available dates.


Register/Check Dates and Availability
Module 3 - Coaching & Developing Staff

Creating an environment where staff can succeed is one of the most important skills of a leader. Learn and obtain the skills and tools you need as a leader to orient, support, develop and coach your staff so they are high performing contributors to your team.

Instructor: Stephanie Brodtrick

Topics include:

  • Professional Staff Development: creating a climate conducive for professional growth and development, supporting diversity, effectively communicating and building trust
  • Onboarding: orientation and evaluation process, websites, toolkit
  • Professional development planning: IDPs (Individual Development Plan), succession planning
  • Effective goal setting: writing masterful goals, short and long term goals, VPES
  • Coaching for performance development: leadership styles, communication styles, preparing and conducting performance development meetings, action plans, toolkit and resources
4 hours $60

Register/Check Dates and Availability

Module 4 - Managing Performance & Behavior

Feedback, tracking performance and behavior, and understanding VU policies that relate to performance are important aspects of performance management. In this module you’ll learn how to effectively manage performance through planning, feedback and evaluation to help your staff succeed. You’ll also experience how to handle difficult situations with corrective feedback or other Vanderbilt processes. (4 hours)

Stephanie Brodtrick
Compensation Representative
Employee Relations Representative

Topics include:

  • Performance Management: the roles of the supervisor and staff member, setting expectations, documenting performance, evaluating performance
  • VPES: high-level overview, website, toolkit
  • Performance Management Timeline: recommended calendar dates and guidelines
  • Performance Conversations: meeting, not meeting, and exceeding expectations
  • VU HR Policies: overview, policy interpretation
4 hours $60 Register/Check Dates and Availability
Module 5 - Legal Issues

As a supervisor, one of your primary responsibilities is to treat staff and co-workers fairly. This module will cover the laws impacting employees, the legal pitfalls that managers are faced with at work, and how good practices, consistency of treatment, and understanding staff perceptions can avoid the legal pitfalls.

Instructors: Office of the General Counsel

Topics include:

  • FMLA, ADA, Maternity Leave (definitions, holding positions, health care coverage)
  • Non-FMLA leaves
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • FLSA and Non-Discrimination Laws
  • Retaliation
  • Worker’s Compensation
3 hours $50 Register/Check Dates and Availability
Module 6 - Leave Management

There are many different types of leave at Vanderbilt that supervisors many come across while managing their staff. This module will help supervisors understand the types of leave offered by Vanderbilt for its employee population and how these leave coordinate with State and Federal laws.

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Tennessee Maternity Leave Act (TMLA)
  • Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) also known as military leave
  • Non-FMLA/personal leave
  • Vanderbilt leave policies
  • How to manage and process leaves
4 hours TBD  

 Please contact the Organizational Effectiveness Team at 615.322.8320 if you have questions.