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New Staff Orientation

New Staff Orientation is Vanderbilt's way of welcoming you to a thriving cultural center that embraces and celebrates diverse talents and contributions. Designed with you in mind, New Staff Orientation teaches everything you need to know as you begin your Vanderbilt career.

New University central staff will attend University Central Orientation as soon as possible after beginning work at Vanderbilt, preferably on the first day.  

New Medical Center staff will attend Medical Center Orientation as their first day of work. In addition, Medical Center staff working directly with patients in inpatient and outpatient clinical settings will also attend a Clinical Orientation program.

Your manager will work with HR to register you for the necessary orientation session(s) and provide you with that information. If you have not received orientation information before your first day of work, please refer to the Who to Contact section below to find appropriate contact information for each orientation.

Before Orientation: Review Benefits

Review Vanderbilt benefits information before your first day of work/orientation. Click here to see details on benefits for which you may qualify.

Where and When to Go

University Central Orientation

This orientation is offered every Monday from 8 a.m. to approximately noon.  Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m., and the program starts promptly at 8 a.m. If you are going to be late, please contact your supervisor to reschedule; registration closes after 8:30 a.m. 

Medical Center Orientation

This orientation is offered most Tuesdays in July from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m in Kensington Club. Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m., and the program starts promptly at 8 a.m. If you are going to be late, please contact your supervisor to reschedule.

Clinical Orientation

This orientation is offered twice a month on Wednesday-Friday in Kensington Club. Check in begins Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. You will receive additional information about your schedule based on your job function.

Where to Park

  • University Central Orientation

    2525 West End instructions:Please park in the garage directly behind the building. See Parking Map. Entrances are between PF Chang's & the Marriott Hotel off Natchez Trace and also behind the building on Kensington Place. We will validate new staff members' parking tickets at the front desk on the 5th floor only when orientation is scheduled to take place in the 2525 West End location. Please note: participants' cars that are parked in the front retail parking lot (along West End) will be towed.

  • Medical Center Orientation

    Kensington Club instructions: Please park in the 25th Avenue Garage. You must enter from the 25th Avenue entrance and park on the roof (Level L) and then exit using the North West (NW) elevator. Note that you will not need a code to enter the garage as long as you enter from the 25th Avenue entrance. Please be sure to park in the 25th Avenue Garage as we cannot validate parking at either the Kensington Garage or the 2525 Visitors Parking Garage. Once you exit the garage, walk down 25th Avenue past Memorial Gym and turn left at the sidewalk in between the gym and the garage to access the elevators to the 'Club' floor. Please allow for 10-15 minutes of travel time between locations. See Parking Map Follow the instructions on the map to get to and from orientation.If you have any questions about parking, please contact Organizational Effectiveness at 322-8320.

Clinical Orientation

Please follow the instructions above for the Kensington Club location.

What to Expect

University Central Orientation

This orientation is divided into three main themes: Understanding Vanderbilt Culture, Meeting Your Basic Needs, and Preparing You for Success.  Employees who attend this orientation will learn the following:

  • Vanderbilt's history and mission
  • Benefits of being a Vanderbilt employee
  • How Vanderbilt keeps its employees safe, healthy, and happy
  • How to be a successful Vanderbilt employee
  • How to complete new employee paperwork and get started in your Vanderbilt career

Medical Center Orientation

In addition to the topics above, employees who attend this orientation will also learn the following:

  • VUMC mission and goals
  • How the orientation process works: what to focus on during the first 30 days, 90-180 days, then annually and ongoing
  • Credo behaviors and standards of conduct
  • Customer service and service recovery

Clinical Orientation

This orientation varies in length depending on the specific needs of your work area and your prior work experience and skill level. You will have the opportunity to review skills, to participate in didactic and discussion sessions, and to learn Vanderbilt computer systems. Other topics covered include:

  • Nursing and care partner skills
  • Health care team roles
  • National patient safety goals
  • Tennessee donor services
  • Nursing quality
  • Communication best practices

What to Bring

New University Central Staff: 

  • Identification for I-9 employment eligibility verification (see
  • Social security numbers of dependents for benefits enrollment
  • Supervisor name, department name, and department phone number

New Medical Center Staff:

Clinical Orientation

No additional materials are needed for Clinical Orientation.


What to Wear

Business casual attire or work clothes/uniform are recommended for all orientations. The new staff orientation program is considered paid work time, so we ask that you dress as you would for a day at work. Clinical staff are welcome to wear unit-appropriate scrubs. Check with your supervisor for any other instructions.


Who to Contact

Each piece of the orientation program has a different contact person or team.

University Central Orientation
Clair Brigman - Human Resources Organizational Effectiveness Team
Phone: 615-322-8320
Email: clair.brigman@vanderbilt.Edu

Medical Center Orientation
Maranatha Bigos - Human Resources Organizational Effectiveness Team
Phone: 615-343-8551

Clinical Orientation
Megan Farmer - Nursing Education and Professional Development
Phone: 615-936-4609