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Peer Interviewing

What Is Peer Interviewing?

It is the process of having co-workers interview candidates for open positions. It’s a good way to ensure that new employees will fit into the culture of your department and helps to ensure that the relationship the new employee has with the current employees starts off on the right foot.

Why is Peer Interviewing Important?
Current employees have the opportunity to size up the candidate and tell you, the manger, what they think. Candidates learn more about your department’s culture, while employees help select their future coworkers, which can be good for morale and productivity. Peer interviewing is a great way to utilize the key people on your team to help find qualified candidates and determine if those candidates actually fit into our organization. Peer interviewing can be extremely effective in finding talent and retaining key people. It’s a critical element of building a cohesive department culture. You as the manager can get more insight into a candidate’s personality, since candidates are likely to let their guard down with peers. The candidate is also evaluating the company.

Who Should Be a Peer Interviewer?
Look for employees who have great people skills. They are upbeat about your department and understand where it's heading. You should choose employees who want to be peer interviewers who can offer diverse opinions. Pick people who are enthusiastic and articulate. The team of peers conducting the interviews should be representative of what your department does and represents; it is a microcosm representation of the demographics. Look for diversity in age, race, etc., and also look for differences in thought, geography and maturity. Blend newcomers with old-timers. The members of your peer interviewing team need to attend Peer Interviewing training or, if also in a hiring manager role, Targeted Selection (both links require VUnetID).

What Is the Outcome of Peer Interviewing?
The outcome of Peer Interviewing is to ensure that co-workers have an opportunity to meet the candidates, help the candidates learn more about the culture of your department, and to help the new employee begin to make relationships with their co-workers. You as the manager have the opportunity to gather information from some of your key employees related to potential members of your team.