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New Staff Orientation Information for Supervisors

Organizational Effectiveness

Supervisor's Checklist for New Hires

Register New Staff Member for Orientation

All new staff members of both the University and Medical Center are expected to go to You Make a Difference Orientation as soon as possible after they begin their work at Vanderbilt, preferably the first day. Benefits Orientation is additionally required for full-time, benefits-eligible staff. Registration, explained below, is required for the programs.

Orientation Registration

  • Registration is available ONLINE through the Orientation Tracking System . This system allows managers to log-in using their VUNetID and password and register employees, receiving a confirmation email with the date, time, and location of the orientation they have chosen.  The registration deadline is 12:00 pm on the Thursday prior to the orientation date.
  • Rehire employees returning to Vanderbilt within 12 months are not required to re-complete new hire orientations. If you have a question or concern regarding a rehire please contact the OET team.
  • This online system is being used for You Make a Difference, It’s Who We Are, and other job-specific orientations.  New University staff only need to attend You Make a Difference orientation. Please make sure to confirm the start time and location of each session you register your new employee for.
  • Please note that your employee's registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation email. If you are registering a Medical Center employee and have questions, please contact the Service Excellence team at 322-8225. For University employees, please contact HR Organizational Effectiveness at 322-8320.

Dates and Locations

You Make a Difference orientation is offered every Monday from 8:00 a.m. to approximately 4:00 p.m. Check-in for You Make a Difference begins at 7:30 a.m., and the program starts promptly at 8:00 a.m.  If your new employee is going to be later than 8:30 a.m., please contact the Organizational Effectiveness team to reschedule as registration closes after 8:30 a.m.

The main location for You Make a Difference orientation is Kensington Club (on the top floor of the Kensington Garage off 25th Avenue).  Occasionally, You Make a Difference is held in the 5th floor training room of the 2525 West End Avenue building.  Please check the schedule for details. 

Jan 5* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Jan 12* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Jan 19* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Jan 26 8:00am Kensington Club 
Feb 2* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Feb 9* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Feb 16* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Feb 23 8:00am 2525 West End Ave - 5th Floor Training Room
Mar 2* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Mar 9* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Mar 16 8:00am 2525 West End Ave - 5th Floor Training Room
Mar 23* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Mar 30 8:00am Kensington Club 
Apr 6* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Apr 13* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Apr 20 8:00am 2525 West End Ave - 5th Floor Training Room
Apr 27* 8:00am Kensington Club 
May 4 8:00am Kensington Club 
May 11* 8:00am Kensington Club 
May 18* 8:00am Kensington Club 
May 26 8:00am Kensington Club 
Jun 1* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Jun 8* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Jun 15 8:00am Kensington Club 
Jun 22* 8:00am Kensington Club 
Jun 29 8:00am Kensington Club 

*It’s Who We Are is on the following day in Kensington Club.

View the complete  2015 Orientation Calendar  

Download the  2015 Orientation Calendar

Parking for Orientation

If your new employee is signed up for orientation in Kensington Club

Parking is in the 25th Avenue Garage.  Attendees must enter from the 25th Avenue entrance and park on the roof (level L). Note that attendees will not need a code to enter the garage as long as they enter from the 25th Avenue entrance (the gates will remain open until 9:30am).  Please direct your new hire to the 25th Avenue Garage as we cannot validate parking at either the Kensington Garage or 2525 Visitors Parking Garage on these days. Once parked, attendees should walk down 25th Avenue and turn left at the signage for Vanderbilt's New Staff Orientation at the sidewalk between Memorial Gym and Kensington Garage. Elevators will be on the right and the 'Club' level should be selected in order to enter the orientation space.  (See Parking Map). No pass is required, and they will not have to pay to park. Instructions are provided on the map for getting to and from orientation. If you have any questions about parking, please contact Organizational Effectiveness by email or at 322-8320. 

If your new staff member is signed up for orientation in 2525 West End

ALL NEW STAFF: Parking is in the 2525 West End Visitors Parking Garage directly behind the building. Entrances are in between PF Changs  & the Marriott Hotel off Natchez Trace and also behind the building on Kensington Place. We will validate new staff members' parking tickets at the front desk on the 5th floor only when orientation is scheduled to take place in the 2525 West End location. Please note: Participants' cars that are parked in the front retail parking lot (along West End) will be towed.

Information to Provide Before New Hire's First Day

  • Parking information for orientation
  • ID Card Authorization Form: New Medical Center staff will need an ID Card Authorization Form completed and signed by the supervisor in order to obtain their ID card. The form is available on the Card Services website.
  • Time clock procedures: If your new staff member will be clocking in for timekeeping, please let them know that since there is no time clock at 2525 West End, you will add in their time manually. The time clock in the Kensington Club is on the left hand side as you exit the elevator to enter the orientation space.  
  • Contact information: All new staff members should know their department’s name, their supervisor’s name and their supervisor’s or another contact person’s phone number. It is also helpful for them to know if they will be working for the University or for the Medical Center.
  • Lunch invitation/options: Meeting your new hire for lunch or providing lunch option information is a way to make their first day special.
  • Schedule for first week: You can ease your new hire’s anxiety and facilitate their integration into Vanderbilt by providing a schedule for their first week, including directions to different locations.
  • Immunization records: At Tuesday's It’s Who We Are orientation, Medical Center staff will participate in a new employee evaluation by the Occupational Health Clinic. To speed up the process, let them know before Monday which immunization record copies they will need to bring, which are listed here .

Orientation Overview

The morning segment includes an introduction to Vanderbilt history and culture and presentations from Health & Wellness, the Vanderbilt Police Department, and Benefits orientation (See Benefits Information for Hiring Managers for more details). The afternoon portion of You Make a Difference begins at 1:00 p.m. and includes presentations from Compliance, Environmental Health & Safety, Information Technology Services, and HR Employee Services.

During this orientation, new staff will be asked to turn in compliance pledge cards as well as their employment paperwork, if they have not already done so in the department. The session is a good opportunity to meet fellow new colleagues and to ask questions. Since leave accruals, pay schedules and VUnetIDs are not specifically addressed during orientation, please discuss these with your new hires as soon as possible.

Lunch is not provided in this session, but the HR representatives at orientation can direct new staff members to nearby options. Another suggestion is to meet your new hire at orientation and take them to lunch, as a welcoming gesture.

Employment Paperwork

All New Staff:

  • Employment paperwork , including IDs for I-9 form
  • Social security numbers of dependents
  • Supervisor name, department name and department phone number

New Medical Center Staff:

Attire for Orientation

Business casual attire or work clothes/uniform are recommended for this program. We ask that you make sure staff are aware that orientation is paid time, and therefore new staff should dress for a day at work. Discuss any other instructions with your new hire.

It’s Who We Are Medical Center Orientation

New Medical Center staff attend another day of orientation called It’s Who We Are. This orientation occurs on most Tuesdays in Kensington Club. Registration for this program is combined with registration for You Make a Difference. Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m., and the program runs from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

It’s Who We Are covers topics from Elevate, the name given to the Medical Center's cultural philosophy; safety; service recovery; and customer service. An executive leader begins the day with an overview of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center and its mission and expectations.

Since your new staff member will participate in an Occupational Health new employee evaluation, it is important to let them know which immunization record copies to bring. More information about which immunizations are required is available here , or you can call the Occupational Health Clinic at 936-0955.

Contact Information

For questions about You Make a Difference or It's Who We Are please contact the Human Resources Organizational Effectiveness Team at 322-8320.