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Targeted Selection

Organizational Effectiveness

Vanderbilt University uses Targeted Selection as its approach for consistency when hiring managers are interviewing and selecting new employees. Targeted Selection training will develop a variety of key behavioral interviewing skills and sharpen existing skills to improve selection decisions. The skills and techniques learned during this workshop are immediately applicable on the job.

The fee for this course $250 (payable using an 1180), and the Cancellation Policy is described below.

Please note that lunch is not provided, so make plans to bring lunch with you or take the opportunity to go out with other course participants.

Because of the high interest in this course, we can only guarantee spots we have received payment for. Contact Organizational Effectiveness at 322-8320 for directions on mailing your payment and confirming your place in this training.

After reading the CANCELLATION POLICY below, view available dates to register.

**All sessions are from 8:00 - 5:00 both days, with dismissal time to be determined by each individual presenter.**

Targeted Selection Training Cancellation Policy

Because of the substantial effort and resources involved in offering Targeted Selection, Human Resources has implemented a Cancellation Policy for all Interviewer training sessions. Targeted Selection is a Vanderbilt initiative that reflects the interviewing process the entire institution will be using in the future.

We are currently training all hiring managers in this selection system. Since all hiring managers need to be trained and each session is limited to 12 participants, sessions fill quickly and people often have to wait several months to take the training. We also keep a waiting list of people who are anxious to take the course.

The department will be refunded the full $250 course fee if:

  • The participant cancels their registration by 5 business days before the first training day (which is the same day of the previous week as the first training day).
  • The participant cancels their registration, but the department registers and sends another hiring manager in their place for the same session.
  • The participant cancels their registration within 5 business days for an emergency situation for which the employee is allowed to take sick leave.

The department will only be refunded $100 of the $250 course fee if:

  • The participant cancels their registration within 5 business days of the first training day and another hiring manager is not sent in their place.
  • The participant does not show up for their training session.