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Electronic Personnel Action Change (ePAC) Help

ePAC is designed to electronically process Personnel Action Changes (PACs) including Job and Position and Distribution changes. The backbone of ePAC is electronic workflow. Workflow guides PACs through the system from creation to completion gathering the required signatures along the way. ePAC reduces paper, time to completion and ensures effort certification and FLSA compliance.


Leave actions 

ePAC users can place or return employees from leave directly in ePAC using the new options in the Actions drop down menu, instead of filing a paper PAF form.

epac screen

ePAC functionality includes:

  • Job & Position (JPC) PAC search function. All searches are initiated from the Navigation Bar.
  • Search  by PACID. The PACID is an internally-generated control number and uniquely identifies a single transaction. This is available for both Job & Position Change PACs and Distribution PACs.
  • ePAC Viewer Roledesigned to allow view-only access to all ePAC modules and data. Read more about this role and how to make assignments on the Privilege Management website.
  • Worklist scroll bar that returns you to the same place in the worklist when you complete your transaction.
  • Job & Position landing page

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System Error Messages

If you would like to attend ePAC training in a classroom setting, please click the link below to register for an upcoming session:

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