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For assistance enter a help desk ticket online.

Service Ticket Instructions
  1. Enter your VUnetID and ePassword.
  2. Fill in all contact information requirements.
  3. Select the "Urgency" of the issue.
  4. Enter a descriptive issue title.
  5. Copy the 11 questions below and paste them in the "Description" box.
  6. Answer all the questions that pertain to your issue.
This information is used to route your issue to the correct support staff. Failure to provide the required information will increase response time.
  1. Is this a system access request, system error message, workflow setup or any other non-transactional request?
  2. Is this a University or Medical Center home department?
  3. Transaction Type - Position, Job Code, Termination, Other (JPC), Earnings Distribution change (EDC) or Retroactive Distribution change (RDC).
  4. If this is an RDC does it include changes to restricted centers?
  5. Home Department – The employee's 6 digit home department number.
  6. Employee Name - on the transaction
  7. Employee ID – 7 digit employee id on the transaction
  8. Date Initiated - Date the transaction was entered into ePAC
  9. Effective Date - Date the transaction is to take effect
  10. Pay Period End Date -  For RDCs.  Pay periods being corrected.
  11. PAC ID - For Earnings Distribution and Retroactive Distribution changes.  Located in the initiators distribution worklist Last column to the right (see image below).PAC ID
  12. Description - Description of what you are trying to process and how ePAC is behaving.