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Go for the Gold

Last Modified: 2016-08-17

Go for the Gold logoVanderbilt's award-winning Go for the Gold program is a comprehensive health promotion program designed to help faculty and staff lead healthier and more productive lives by identifying health risks and taking action to reduce those risks.

A wellness credit of up to $240 per year is available to faculty and staff paying for Vanderbilt Health Plan benefits. Currently, the wellness credit may be applied to either the employee's health plan account and can be used by all covered dependents, or it may be applied to membership costs for the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center. The earned credits are effective Jan. 1 of each plan year. To participate in Go for the Gold, see the Health Plus website.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How does the Vanderbilt Health Plan Account work?

    Vanderbilt puts the Wellness Credit you earn for participating in the Go for the Gold program into a Health Plan Account managed by Aetna. The Health Plan Account helps you pay your deductible (the amount you pay before the health plan starts paying) and co-insurance (the percent you pay for medical expenses after meeting your deductible). The Health Plan Account is managed by Aetna, based on your chosen Health Plan option. For example, when you have a doctor's visit, the doctor sends the bill to Aetna, the carrier then processes the claim and if you have an amount due, that amount will be paid from your Vanderbilt Health Plan Account first. If you use up your Health Plan Account, then you start paying toward meeting the remainder of your deductible.The Health Plan Account will pay the first medical claims billed, whether the bill is for you or any dependent you cover on the Vanderbilt Health Plan. You can refer to your Evidence of Benefits (EOB) from Aetna for more information.

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  • 17. If I have additional questions about the Health Plan Account who should I contact?

    For questions about how the Health Plan Account works, contact the Human Resources.

    To find out what your Health Plan Account balance is, contact Aetna.

    • If you are enrolled in Aetna Plus or Select, call 800.743.0910 and ask for the balance of your "Health Incentive Credit."
    • If you are enrolled in Aetna HealthFund, call 800.743.0910 and ask for the balance of your "HealthFund." The HealthFund total rollover for unused amounts is $3,000 individual and $6,000 family and includes the $1,000 Health Plan Account limit.

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