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Traditional Short-Term Disability

Newly eligible staff with less than one year of service have access to Vanderbilt's traditional short-term disability insurance.

Newly Eligible Staff

(for staff with less than 1 year of service)

During the waiting period for automatic enrollment into the enhanced short-term disability plan, you may elect the traditional short-term disability plan. You will have a two week (14 calendar day) waiting period before your short-term disability benefit payments begin and may continue up to 24 weeks.


Traditional Short-term Disability Enrollment

Go to the My VU Benefits website within 30 days of your hire date to complete your enrollment. Please note that the plan is not effective until the first of the month following 30 days of employment. Also, there is a pre-existing conditions clause for traditional short-term disability. Any conditions or medical care received in the six months prior to the effective date of your coverage will not qualify for a claim within your first year of coverage. Emergency and other new conditions may be eligible for a claim. 

You also may apply for traditional short-term disability insurance during Vanderbilt's annual Open Enrollment period.

Traditional Short-Term Disability Premium Costs

The monthly cost is 0.71 cents per $10 of weekly benefit. Your monthly cost is calculated automatically when you enroll for your benefits on My VU Benefits. Traditional short-term disability premiums are after-tax, so you do not owe income taxes on the benefit when you receive the disability pay.

  1. Divide your annual salary by 52 to get your weekly salary.
    • Example: $40,000 / 52 = $769.23
  2. Multiply this figure by 0.6667 to get your weekly benefit.
    • Example: $769.23 x 0.6667 = $512.84
  3. Divide this figure by 10 to get your weekly factor.
    • Example: $512.84 / 10 = $51.28
  4. Multiply your weekly factor figure by 0.71 to get your monthly payroll premium.
    • Example: $51.28 x 0.71 = $36.41