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Tobacco Cessation FAQs

1. Who is eligible for the Quit Rx program?
Vanderbilt University employees and their covered dependents under the Vanderbilt Health Plan are eligible to participate in the Quit Rx program.

2. How does the program work?
You will meet with a clinician at the Occupational Health Clinic to enroll in the Quit Rx program. Together, you will develop a Quit Plan for you. If that plan includes smoking cessation medication, the Occupational Health Clinic will prescribe that medication and authorize up to two months of medication at no charge when filled at the designated Vanderbilt outpatient pharmacy. At the first visit you’ll also be referred to a Health Plus health coach. The clinic provider will continue seeing you until you’ve achieved abstinence and completed medication, while your coach will work with you for up to six months.

3. Why is Vanderbilt offering this program?
Offering this benefit is a perfect extension of our culture of wellness. We offer many programs that are designed to encourage healthy behaviors. This is just one of them.

4. How do I register for the Quit Rx program?
To register for the Quit Rx program, call the Occupational Health Clinic at 615-936-0955 and request an appointment.

5. What other options does Vanderbilt provide?
We realize that when it comes to quitting smoking, one size doesn’t fit all. For other smoking cessation resources visit the Health and Wellness website (See the Tobacco Cessation Resources page of the Health & Wellness website).