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Job Code Detail

The University understands the value our staff brings to our organization. We have been focused on providing more professional development tools to support staff members in planning for their careers.

New and updated information about job details and career development within the Staff Compensation Structure are now available within this newly designed Job Code Detail page.

Administrative Services

Nature of Work: Provides administrative, record keeping, budget, and/or logistical support or coordination to a department, school, or an executive leading such an area. This includes positions that oversee other administrative support staff and have oversight of administrative support work.



Athletics & Recreation

Nature of Work: Supports athletic or recreational sports programs through providing coaching, compliance, operational support, equipment management, facilities coordination, conditioning, athletic training, and specialized administration of athletic services.

jcd   thas     LG


Campus Support Services

Nature of Work: Provides service in support of the betterment of the university or provides university-managed auxiliary services, that are non-union, to the campus in areas such as printing, dining, or facilities.

jcd   thas     LG


Development & Alumni Affairs

Nature of Work: Supports the advancement of the University’s mission through cultivating the support of donors for Vanderbilt’s programs and scholarship. Plans and coordinates promotional efforts for the University, including prospect identification, research of potential donors of gifts to the University, and relationship management with alumni, the business community, foundations, general public, etc.

jcd   thas     LG


Educational & Academic Support

Nature of Work: Provides services to student and faculty to support, build, and enhance the University’s teaching mission. Positions in this job family are involved in activities such as student employee administration, student recruitment and admissions, registration, financial aid, faculty affairs, and other activities involving direct support of the educational mission of an academic unit.

jcd   thas     LG


Engineering & Architecture

Nature of Work: Provides engineering or architectural design, facilities planning, real estate services, and/or construction project management expertise. Plans, designs, and estimates time and cost and oversees renovation, maintenance, and new construction of University structures/facilities.

jcd   thas     LG



Nature of Work: Officers or senior leaders of the university at the highest levels. Provides leadership and strategic direction for university departments, functions, and/or areas. Contributes to, develops, and manages visions and strategies regarding financial issues, operating procedures, programs, and planning.


Financial Operations

Nature of Work: Provides financial and business services to the university to ensure financial compliance, effective resource management, accurate financial reporting, risk and insurance management, protection and growth of the university's endowment assets, and maintenance of fiscal, business, and accounting records.

jcd   thas     LG


Health Services

Nature of Work: Designs, develops, implements, and oversees the University's health programs and procedures to ensure proper medical care is receive d by students.

jcd    thas     LG


Internal & External Relations

Nature of Work: Develops, coordinates, and delivers communications through various media and channels for specified audiences within and outside the organization. Including marketing, branding, developing, marinating relationships with local state, and federal regulators and agencies.

jcd   thas     LG


Legal & Compliance

Nature of Work: Performs duties related to litigation, legal research, drafting of legal documentation, drafting various specialized documents and correspondence.  Mitigates organizational risk and ensure university compliance with rules and regulations. Coordinates and manages compliance activities.

   jcd   thas     LG


Information Technology

Nature of Work: Designs, develops, maintains, and supports computer systems, software, and networks for the University. Jobs in this family deal with electronic data processing and computing. Typical functions include, but are not limited to distributed computing, computer hardware/software, computer networking, telecommunications, systems development, programming, computer installation and maintenance, operations, web development, desktop support, systems security, etc.

  jcd      LG

Library Services & Museums

Nature of Work: Creates, implements, and maintains systems for the management of museum and library collections. Oversees the general care and storage of museum and library objects for university and community use. Provide for the selection of and access to traditional and digital library collections; oversight of large acquisition budget systems and processes; internationally accepted standards for cataloging services; information services such as reference and instruction; the development of online research environments and the creation of digital publications and collections; preservation and conservation of rare and fragile materials; management and administration of academic library resources; and other processes that enhance academic teaching, learning and research.

jcd   thas     LG


People Operations

Nature of Work: Designs, implements, manages, and monitors workforce-related programs and policies, including but not limited to recruitment, learning and development, compensation, Title IX, equal employment opportunity, benefits, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

jcd   thas     LG


Public & Environmental Safety

Nature of Work: Provides security, law enforcement, emergency preparedness, parking services, and workplace safety services to the institution.

jcd   thas     LG



Nature of Work: Provides technical support to the discovery and development of new product ideas or strategic product extensions. Participates in analytical, experimental, investigative, and other fact-finding work in support of product development scientists and engineers. Collects and classifies new product ideas. Captures specifications for product requirements and functionality.

   jcd   thas    LG


Student Support Services

Nature of Work: Provides various student support activities. Develops, advises, and implements specific services and/or programs designed to promote the effective functioning of students and/or student groups and contributes to the formal and informal educational environment within the university.

jcd   thas     LG


Temporary Services

Nature of Work: Provides clerical, technical, financial, service, and other professional support for departments throughout the University in need of help to cover work overload, sickness, vacation, staff vacancy, or special projects. Includes interns and observers participating in educational, research, or professional internship experiences that may be paid or unpaid. Temporary employees may be part-time or full-time and may be employed for a period of up to six months.