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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is VUMC doing the survey?
We care about our staff and want to continually improve VUMC, making it an even better place to work. The survey is a confidential way to collect feedback so we can recognize where we are doing well and where we need to make improvements.

Who is eligible to take the survey?
Part-time and full-time Medical Center staff as of May 13, 2015, as well as select HR team members, will be invited to take the survey.

Why aren't faculty taking the survey?
Faculty will be invited to take a separate survey that is more relevant to their academic, scholarly and clinical endeavors.

I didn't get an email from Avatar Solutions. Can I still take the survey?

  • New employees (hired after May 13, 2015) will not have the opportunity to take this survey, but will have opportunities going forward to provide their input.
  • Faculty members will not receive the email because they will take a different survey.

I deleted the Avatar Solutions email. Can I still take the survey?
Yes. Contact Carley Meyers, Project Manager for Avatar Solutions, at 312.863.6106 or and she will give you your code.

How do I take the survey?

  • Staff members will receive instructions in an email from (our survey vendor) on June 1, June 8 and June 14. The subject line will include VUMC Staff Community Pulse Survey.
  • Each staff members email will include a survey code that is unique to that staff member. If a staff member shares their code with another staff member, their results will not be counted. Each code can only be used once. No one at VUMC will have access to the code list, so the results remain confidential.
  • The survey is online only. Employees who do not regularly use a computer for their job may visit a kiosk on campus or HR Express on the 2nd floor of the 2525 West End building. The survey can also be taken on mobile devices or home computers.

Many of the survey questions ask about the person I report to. How do I know who this person is?
Respond based on the person who does your performance review and who regularly assigns and oversees your work.

I work in a very small department. Will my supervisor be able to figure out how I responded?
If you are in a small department, your answers will be combined with other responses to ensure confidentiality. Leaders will not receive results if fewer than 5 people in their work area responded.

What have been the results of previous surveys?
Numerous improvements have been made or are planned based on feedback shared in the last survey and in other ways, including:

  • Town Halls to improve communication
  • Pay increases (coming this fall)
  • New recognition programs and celebrations
  • New clinical workstations
  • Manager support of career growth
  • Market pay adjustments