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Pay for Performance

Questions and Answers

Q. Will everyone receive an increase?
A. No, staff members must have a current Performance Evaluation based on at least 6 months of data with an overall evaluation rating of 3.0 or higher in order to receive a performance increase.

Q. How will increases be determined?
A. Increases will be given on a percentage basis to staff members receiving an overall evaluation rating of 3 or higher. Performance scores of 4 and 5 will receive higher percentage increases.

Q. What determines the amount of your pay increase?
A. The total budget availability for salary increases and your individual job performance are the two factors that will determine your pay increase. Your manager may consider other factors as well.

Q. Will "topping out" in the pay range be an issue anymore?
A. Salary ranges do still exist and staff may still reach the top of ranges. In these cases, increases will be given as a lump sum payment at the same percentage that the performance budget and their performance rating determine.