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New Positions and Reclass

Create or Change Existing Positions

A Manager or Delegate can have a role in ePAC that provides the ability to create or change a position. The roles include PA Initiator, PA HD Executor, etc. The privilege management system routes the request for approval based on home department approvers. Only active positions are available for posting in TalentCentral.

Changing/Reclassifying an existing position – active position number to be used

  1. Determine if the job code exists or if one needs to be created.
    1. If the job code does exist and the position is vacant, determine if the job requires HR review by searching the Express Job Code list.
      • If the job code meets the Express criteria listed, please proceed with updating the position information in ePAC.
      • If not, then have proactive conversation with the HR Consultant assigned to your area and attach a copy of the Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ or PDQ EZ) OR Position Specific Description into ePAC for HR to use in reviewing the position. A new version of this form can be found at: /forms/index.php.
    2. If the job is filled with an incumbent:
      • Please have proactive conversation with the HR Consultant assigned to your area.
      • In ePAC, please attach a copy of the Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ or PDQ EZ) OR Position Specific Description into ePAC for HR to use in reviewing the position. Note: If you are reclassifying a filled position for which you want to post, please contact your Recruiter first.
    3. If the job code does not exist:
      • Please have proactive conversation with the HR Consultant assigned to your area and provide a copy of the position description for review. Note: If a job code does not exist, please make sure that you have received the new job code number from HR before entering into ePAC.
      • Upon creation of the job, the job code will be available for entry into ePAC. In ePAC, please attach a copy of the Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ or PDQ EZ) OR Position Specific Description into ePAC for HR to use in reviewing the position. You will no longer receive a Recommendation Report from Human Resources. Approvals are documented electronically.
  2. Upon submission, position routes for approval via privilege management.  - Position routes for approval via ePAC roles defined in privilege management.  An HR Consultant and Compensation will partner to review, discuss any outstanding questions with the position’s supervisor and approve the ePAC entry which will update PeopleSoft.

      • If the position is filled with an incumbent and does not need posting, there are no further steps required.
      • If the position requires posting, the active position will be uploaded into TalentCentral each night and then is available to select for posting (subject to departmental approval routing).

Creating a new position – new position number needed, may or may not use existing job code/title

    1. Contact Payroll Processing to request a position number. 
      1. First determine if a new position number is needed.  Ensure the position does not currently exist in ePAC.  If it does not, then obtain the proper authorization in your division to move your request forward.
      2. In order for a new position to be created, you will need to provide the following information in your request:  Home Department Number and Division Authorization. Please submit your request for a new position number to: Payroll Processing at Once the position is created in PeopleSoft HR, the system of record, it will be available to you in ePAC for you to complete the remaining fields (Job Code, etc.) and will be routed for approval. You will be notified of the new position number via email by Payroll Processing.  Note:  Obtaining a new position number is different from posting a job in TalentCentral. For questions relating to position numbers, please contact Payroll Processing at
    2. Please refer back to the steps listed above. 

You will no longer receive a Recommendation Report from Human Resources.  Approvals are documented electronically.

For technical questions about ePAC contact – please refer to /apps/epac/resources.php. You can also contact the Human Resources. For questions about creating or altering positions, contact your HR consultant. 

"Express” Classification Criteria

In some instances, an area may be able to classify a new or reclassify a vacant position without further review by Human Resources if the position meets the following criteria:

(Please Note: If the job currently does not exist in the department, please consult with your HR Consultant before utilizing this process.)

1) Job title must appear as "EXPRESS" on the job list

see listing on the web at the following address: Express Job Code List

2)The position is vacant or a new position (no incumbent)

Express titles can be processed via ePAC. Please refer to the ePAC Users Guide for instructions.

Types of Positions

Manager first determines the type of position needed to do the job.  This is typically based on the length of time the role is projected to be necessary.  

  • Regular positions have no predefined end date.
  • Term positions are typically needed for 6 months up to 1 year. (Both are benefits eligible, and leave accrual is prorated based on the number of hours worked.  Regular and Term positions are also eligible for health benefits if standard hours are 30 or more per week.)
  • Temporary-need for 1 day up to 6 months. Contact VTS-Vanderbilt Temporary Services. (Temporary roles are not eligible for leave or health benefits.)  
  • Visit our HR Policies website for additional information.

FTE Hours Needed

  • FULL-TIME (FT) Scheduled 30 hours or more per week. Full-time regular or term staff are eligible for leave, retirement program, health and tuition benefits, and Health Plus.
  • PART-TIME (PT) Scheduled fewer than 30 hours per week. Part-time regular or term staff are eligible for vacation, holidays and sick leave on a pro-rated basis as well as the retirement program and various staff discounts. They are not eligible for health insurance coverage, tuition benefits, or HEALTH Plus.
  • PRN Staff who work on an “as-needed” basis. Employed as temporary staff. Retirement eligibility based on hours, no other benefits.
  • Visit our HR Policies website for additional information.

Term Positions


A term appointment may be appropriate when the department's need is for a defined period of time which is not less than six months but typically no more than one year. Term appointments are subject to the Recruiting and Hiring Policy (HR-017) and must be posted. Job posting can assist departments in identifying a qualified individual for the job.

Should the need for a term position extend beyond one year, the department should contact their HR Consultant to discuss appropriate next steps.


The HR Consultant will assist departments in determining the appropriate job code/title and pay range (see section on Compensation) for the duties and responsibilities of the job. Whenever possible the position should be aligned with an established, specific job code/title which is reflected in the job posting (e.g. Term Clerical – Administrative Asst I). Term job codes with functional role-specific titles will be used when the duties and responsibilities do not match that of any existing classified jobs.  For assistance in classifying a term position, please contact your designated HR  Consultant. Click here for HR Contact Listing.

Creating a new term position or backfilling an existing term position

  • Please refer to the Quick Reference Guide or EPAC Users Guide for Instructions
  • Term positions must be posted for a minimum of 5 calendar days or until a reasonable applicant pool is developed (as determined by the Recruiter).  This must occur prior to an offer being made and in compliance with the Recruiting and Hiring Policy (HR-017).

Reclassifying an existing term position

If the department wishes to continue an existing appointment beyond one year and a generic term job code/title was used, HR Consultant can assist in reclassifying the position to an established, specific job code/title which matches the duties being performed.



Individuals with term appointments have the same benefits eligibility consideration as regular staff based on employment status and standard hours (e.g. full-time, part-time).


Term positions aligned with established, specific job codes/titles use a formal grade range in most cases. Departments are advised to seek compensation recommendations from the Recruiter with which they are working to ensure comparable pay with others performing like duties and responsibilities. Term appointments must be paid on a non-exempt, hourly basis unless approved by an HR Consultant in advance of the job posting and offer of employment.

Performance Evaluation :

Individuals with term appointments should receive the same performance evaluation opportunities as regular staff in the department.

Salary Increases:

In general, individuals with term appointments do not receive a salary increase due to the limited time commitment (typically less than one year) of the appointment. Should the need arise to continue the employment relationship beyond one year, the department should contact their HR Consultant to discuss appropriate next steps.


In all cases, clear and concise communication regarding the expected length of the term appointment should occur with the individual prior to offer/acceptance.

For Additional Information:

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