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Paycheck FAQs

As Department Responsible Person, I received a paycheck for an employee who should not have received a check for this pay period. The department did not turn in the termination paperwork soon enough to prevent this paycheck from being generated. What should I do with the paycheck?
Return it immediately to HR Processing/Payroll along with a note to indicate that the check should be "VOIDED". Note: if it is a direct deposit advice, call HR Processing/Payroll immediately to have them request a return of funds.

I am the Department Responsible Person and receive the paychecks for my department. I frequently receive requests from employees to allow someone else to pick up his/her paycheck. What should I do?
Paychecks and direct deposit advices should only be released to the employee to whom they are written.

If an employee is ill or otherwise unable to pick up his or her paycheck, can he or she designate someone else to pick it up?
As stated above, paychecks and direct deposit advices should be released only to the employee to whom they are written. The Department Responsible Person has discretion in making exceptions to this.

What do I do with checks/advices that have not been picked up? How long should I wait before treating them as "Unclaimed"?
If the check or advice has not been picked up after a week, attempt to reach the employee to arrange pick up, mail out, etc. If you are unable to contact the employee and the paycheck is due to the employee, simply place the check in the mail to the employee's address printed on the check.

How do we get the final check processed when an employee is terminated?
If you are terminating a non-exempt university central employee you must add the hours to be paid to the final timesheet. If you are terminating an exempt university central employee, the payment will be made on the next regularly scheduled payroll.