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Responsibilities for Payroll

The assignment of Payroll responsibilities within a department is critical to protecting Vanderbilt's resources.

As department heads have responsibility for the accuracy and appropriateness of departmental payroll transactions, the following guidelines are provided to assist in the assignment of payroll responsibilities.

Labor Distribution Reviewers

SHOULD have a familiarity with staffing sufficient to recognize potential erroneous payees, unreasonable hours or unusual payments for follow-up.

PAF Approvers

SHOULD BE FAMILIAR WITH STAFFING so that the authorizer is able to make informed decisions as to the appropriateness of the transactions being approved.

SHOULD NOT have access to checks so that a single individual does not both authorize payments and control check distribution.

For very small departments where separation of PAF approval and custody of checks is not possible, review of the Labor Distribution Report by a second individual is necessitated.

Timesheet Approvers

SHOULD have first hand knowledge of work performed of non-exempt employees so that the approver is able to make informed decisions as to the appropriateness of the time reported.

SHOULD NOT return timesheets to nonexempt employees after approval to prevent potential alteration of approved hours.

In the event that timesheets must be returned to a single nonexempt employee for transport to Payroll or otherwise, the Labor Distribution Report information for that particular employee should be verified to the timesheet