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Completing the PAF Turnaround for Job Changes

Most changes should be completed in ePAC.

Completing the PAF Turnaround for changes, if necessary.

1. Initiator Phone

Enter name and phone number of the person completing the form. The initiator and the approving authority may not necessarily be the same person.


2. Action

Enter the type of change(s) being made.

3. Reason Enter reason, if applicable, or more information about change(s).
4. Effective date Enter the date the change is effective in a MM/DD/YYYY format.
5. End date This field should be left blank, except in cases of students or SA faculty (please see the Special Topic, Student Employment or, SA faculty, as needed).
6. Position number Used to change a position number. If individual is transferring to another position, refer to Section Transfers.
7. VU Budget # This field is only used as a cross-reference for positions on the University Central budget system. The Associate Provost Office will enter this number, if applicable. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
8. Job Code Used to change or/ correct a job code. Enter the 4-digit number indicating the classification of the position to which the individual is being assigned. Changes to the job code occur via ePAC and a Personnel Action Form.
9. VMG / VA/VU /Vanderbilt Student Check this box only if the person is a participating member of the Vanderbilt Medical Group (VMG), has a Va / VU Appointment, a Vanderbilt Student or is enrolled at Vanderbilt and his / her primary purpose for being at Vanderbilt is for education, not employment.