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Processing Job Changes

What can be processed in ePAC

  • Earning Distribution Changes (EDC)
  • Retroactive Distribution Changes (RDC)
  • Effort certification
  • Position transfers within the same home department
  • Position changes
  • Leave of absence (paid, unpaid and return from leave)
  • Job code changes
  • Pay rate changes (excluding annual increases)
  • Kronos class changes
  • Position inactivation
  • Standard shift changes
  • Mail drop changes
  • Reports to position changes
  • Standard hours changes

What must be processed on paper

  • Hires and rehires
  • Transfer between home departments
  • Adding additional jobs
  • System corrections (if deadline is missed)
  • Changes to shift rates paid to an individual
  • Termination with pay
  • Creation of new positions
  • Activating an inactive position
  • Changes to department number on a vacant position
  • Student employees (non-distribution changes)


If processing change using ePAC, see the Job Position Change User Guide. If processing change using a paper PAF turnaround document, complete the document by making changes on the right side of the form (an example form is located in the New Employee Information section of the Administrators Guide).

If the PAF Turnaround is not available, you may use a blank PAF to submit changes, first complete employee current information on left side. Blank Personnel Action forms be downloaded from the HRS Website (Forms link - Employment Forms)

Copy the completed PAF and retain for departmental records. Obtain appropriate signatures on the PAF and process through usual approval channels. After the changes are processed, a new computer-generated PAF turnaround will be sent to the PAF responsible person.