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2020 Anchor Down, Step Up Excellence Awards

At the Fall 2020 Staff Assembly, Chancellor Daniel Diermeier presented the special, one-time Anchor Down, Step Up Excellence Awards to individual staff members and teams for their role in the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The individuals and teams recognized represent just a handful of the hundreds of staff members who continue to make this unprecedented semester possible.

The chancellor presented nine individual awards and ten team awards. Each recipient received an award plaque and a monetary prize.

Individual Awards
  • Triketta Brooks
    Campus Dining
  • Jessamyn Davis
    Office of Emergency Preparedness, Fire and Workplace Safety, Public Safety
  • Kelli Fager
    Purchasing and Payment Services
  • Andrea George
    Environmental Health and Safety, Sustainability and Environmental Management Office
  • Shaneithia Lewis
    Police Department
  • Carmen Marks
    Police Department
  • Chris Meyers
    Vanderbilt Law School
  • Randy Tarkington
    Housing and Residential Experience
  • Alison Matarese
    Housing and Residential Experience
Team Awards

Center for Teaching Team

  • Erica Brandon
  • Brandon Crawford
  • Stacey Johnson
  • Paige Snay

Campus Circulation and Daily Operations Team
Facilities Department

  • Matthew Buckley
  • Lamar Cumings
  • Dylon Daugherty
  • Kurtis Eisenhuth
  • Chris Preston
  • Megan Sargent
  • Cory Scheffler

Campus Dining Team

  • Aaron Dilts
  • Michael Ferral
  • Gayle Hanson
  • Donald Jackson

Communications COVID-19 Team Leaders

  • Kate Derrick
  • Daniel Dubois
  • Zack Eagles
  • Beth Fox
  • Lauren Hammond
  • Katherine Keith
  • Catherine Kozak
  • Princine Lewis
  • Lacy Paschal

“Ghostbusters” Disinfecting Team
Custodial Services

  • Anthony Beamer
  • Darrell Bowers
  • Terry Goodner
  • Larry Jones
  • Jenenia Keeler
  • John Knox
  • Derrick Radney
  • Nelson Rutledge
  • Shanda Scales
  • James Strain

Public Health Central Command Center Team
From units across the university

  • David Brown, Global Education Office
  • Alycia Buford-Penn, Finance
  • Meagen Crawford, Office of Active Citizenship and Service
  • Kenneth Garner, Finance
  • Steve Gild, Sustainability and Environmental Management Office
  • Chelsea Hamilton, Sustainability and Environmental Management Office
  • Anaya Langford, Finance
  • Melissa Looby, Office of Active Citizenship and Service
  • Kristen Maida, School of Nursing
  • Ashley Majewski, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration
  • Hannah Proctor, School of Nursing
  • Katelyn Slotnick, Global Education Office
  • Tyler Walker, Global Education Office

Undergraduate Student Orientation Team

  • Residential Colleges
  • Natalee Erb
  • Marissa McGillis
  • Roshaunda Ross-Orta

University Registrar’s Office Team

  • Laura Adams
  • Matt King
  • Melissa Mukahal
  • Kristin Marie Geddis Stone
  • Molly Thompson

Schools/Colleges Team

  • Aaron Covey, College of Arts and Science
  • Bryn Evans, School of Nursing
  • Ginger Hitts, College of Arts and Science
  • Janet Roberts, Peabody College
  • Barry Templeton, School of Engineering
  • John Thorpe, Owen Graduate School of Management

VUIT Classroom Technology Team

  • B.C. Hatchett
  • Jake Kasinger
  • Kelly McGill-Barrett

PDF of Awards Program