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Recognition Mission & Strategy

At Vanderbilt University, expressing appreciation is an essential part of how we create community and honor the hard work and dedication of all our employees. Our recognition strategy is guided by a mission statement and goals that direct how the university thanks employees.

Mission:  Vanderbilt University’s Recognition Program exists to celebrate everyone who contributes to the fulfillment of the mission.  Believing that great work and great employees deserve respect and appreciation, we empower leaders to recognize individual and team accomplishments, and we create opportunities that bring our community together to express gratitude and thanks.


  • To honor the dedication and commitment of Vanderbilt employees
  • To support our efforts as an employer of choice

Vanderbilt demonstrates its’ commitment to recognition described in the mission statement and goals through university-wide events as well as divisional and departmental events.  University-wide events provide an opportunity to thank all the employees who have contributed to the university’s success and these events have become part of the university’s culture and traditions.  Some events create a direct link between the university’s academic offerings and employees while other events recognize outstanding performance, years of service, and dedication to the institution. 

To express our thanks, we have a team of seasoned professionals with more than 20 years of experience in employee programs and special event planning. This team works yearlong to plan, implement and evaluate our appreciation programs and events.

 Traditional Appreciation Events

  • Turkey Toss
  • Tailgate
  • Picnic
  • Women’s Basketball Game
  • Vandy Chills

Highlighting Academic Offerings

  • Blair Concert
  • Day at Dyer
  • Night at the Theatre

Outstanding Service and Performance

  • Service Awards
  • Commodore Awards
  • Diversity Awards – Individual and Team

 Divisional and Departmental events

  • Vandy Pops
  • Divisional Awards: Years of Service and Recognition for Outstanding Contributions