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Vanderbilt Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness
Vanderbilt's award winning Health and Wellness program consists of three integrated programs that exist to maximize the productivity and well-being of its faculty and staff.

The Occupational Health Clinic
The Occupational Health Clinic (OHC)provides immunizations and medical screening exams for work-related hazards, business travel exams, ergonomic consultations, and evaluation and treatment for work-related injuries, illnesses and  exposures. OHC facilitates an early return to work for injured workers and partners with Health Plus to provide risk reduction programs for weight management and smoking cessation. For employees with minor illnesses, OHC provides evaluation and treatment through their Faculty/Staff Express Care.

Health Plus 
Health Plus, the faculty and staff health promotion program, advances healthy lifestyle practices.  Vanderbilt's award winning Go for the Gold program is a comprehensive health promotion program designed to help faculty and staff and their families lead healthier and more productive lives by identifying health risks and taking action to reduce those risks. A wellness credit of up to $240 per year is available to faculty and staff paying for Vanderbilt Health Plan benefits. The wellness credit may be applied to either the employee’s health plan and can be used by all covered dependents, or it may be applied to membership costs to the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center. The earned credits are effective January 1 of each plan year. In addition, educational and risk-reduction programs, such as Know Your Numbers,  health coaching, the Diabetes Prevention Program, the Start! Physical Activity program, and Babies & You, are also available to faculty and staff. 

Work/Life Connections-EAP
Work/Life Connections-EAP is a resource for faculty and staff that promotes psychological resilience and well-being. Our goal is link faculty and staff with resources when life is challenging.  Services include brief counseling, performance coaching, referrals to community resources, critical incident stress management, and departmental workshops. Problems range from personal/work stress, work/life balance, parenting, relationship  issues, eldercare, or family concerns to depression, substance abuse, and domestic violence. Work/Life Connections-EAP  also offers a free, anonymous, online  mental health screenings for stress, depression, anxiety, stress, alcohol use and other mental health concerns. Call 615.936.1327 to schedule a confidential appointment.

Other Helpful Health Links

Health and Wellness Information Portal
The Health & Wellness  Information Portal is for faculty and staff to access their Vanderbilt Health & Wellness program information. When you log in, you can check your Go for the Gold status, your compliance with Occupational Health, print immunization records from Occupational Health Clinic, see what preventive exams are recommended, complete a confidential mental health screening or find a sitter for your dependents of all ages.

My Health at Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s My Health at Vanderbilt program allows you to send and receive secure messages with your doctor, make appointments, view and pay your bill online, view personal health information online, see lab test results and receive health information tailored to you via e-mail.

Disability Pathfinder
Disability Pathfinder is one place on the web or by phone that VU employees and their families can find any resource that a person with a disability may need. The site includes a database searchable by county and by type of resource or disability. Pathfinder is a joint project of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities. 615.322.8529

A health care provider is your partner for a variety of needs including prevention, routine care and acute care. It is important to select and know who your provider is before you need to see him or her. You may be new to the area or you may just want to have a Vanderbilt healthcare provider.

Some tips are to:

  • Look for someone who is close to either your work or home. You want to make it convenient for you if you need to go to the doctor.
  • Ask your co-workers and friends who they use.
  • Call 615.936.MYMD (6963). This convenient call line is a phone tree with a connection to all of the Vanderbilt Internal Medicine Clinics in the area both on campus and off.
  • You may call any of the Internal Medicine Group clinics directly. 615.936.2187 is the direct number for the Internal Medicine Clinic on campus.
  • Finally, the Occupational Health Clinic can assist you in finding a health care provider to meet your needs.

When you have selected a new provider, make an appointment to see him or her for an initial office visit. This can save you time when you have an acute health problem.

The one page that links you to any research study going on here at Vanderbilt University. Vanderbilt Kennedy Center studies are listed in detail, and there are links to other research sites on campus. Through research, people can access free language interventions, free mental health treatment, free hearing tests or opportunities to make a little money as a research participant.


Group/Fitness Aerobic Schedule

Massage Therapy


Outdoor Recreation Center
Located on Children's Way, the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC) rents quality camping, canoeing, and kayaking equipment to staff and faculty.  The ORC also provides adventure trips each semester and during the summer.  The trips are small in size and are open to the faculty and staff as well as students and graduate/professional students.

Currey Tennis Center
Five indoors tennis courts and nine outdoor lighted courts are available. Reservations strongly encouraged.