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Talent Acquisition Process

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TalentCentral facilitates communication between hiring managers, recruiters and candidates, using an application that provides real-time tracking through all stages of the recruiting process - from requisition creation to the new employee joining Vanderbilt.

TalentCentral encourages open dialogue between the hiring manager and the recruiter. This partnership ensures that the position description matches the needs of the hiring manager, that requisitions are posted expeditiously, and that candidates are screened and presented to the hiring manager.

Once the hiring manager accepts the candidate slate, the interviewing process begins. Each candidate's status is updated automatically and available to both the hiring manager and the candidate. When a hiring decision is made, and an offer is accepted, TalentCentral generates the offer letter of record. Background checks, if needed, are initiated automatically and the new hire receives details about the onboarding process.

Click here to see an illustration of the Talent Acquisition Process Map.

Position Descriptions

TalentCentral is designed to import automatically position-specific information from PeopleSoft and the Jobs Descriptions Database when a requisition is created. Information includes items like the job title and description, and basic qualifications for each job code. For the hiring manager, this automated feature ensures that up-to-date titles and qualifications are used, and improves posting time by reducing the need for data entry.

Hiring managers are encouraged to include detailed job duties as well as job related preferences to the position description. This information will be reviewed in the strategy session with your recruiter. The posting may be customized by your recruiter in order to attract the highest quality applicants for your position.


Job Requisitions

The online TalentCentral job requisition will be used by the hiring manager and Talent Acquisition Team to initiate and document the sourcing and hiring of talent for Vanderbilt. A requisition will be initiated by the hiring manager and, after necessary approvals, will be forwarded automatically to the recruiter through TalentCentral.


Interviewing Candidates

Hiring managers will conduct interviews with candidates selected from the list of applicants referred by the Talent Acquisition Team. In an effort to ensure consistency and to select the best candidates for open positions, behavioral interviewing techniques are recommended.

Targeted Selection is Vanderbilt University's approach for interviewing and selecting new employees. It enhances and develops a variety of key behavioral interviewing skills. To schedule training, please click here or contact Learning & Organizational Development at 322-8320.

Hiring managers are responsible for being consistent and equitable in interviewing candidates. They should:

  • Interview a number of candidates to ensure that a fair comparison takes place
  • Ask only job-related questions
  • Use the same standardized interview guide for all those interviewing for the same position
  • Schedule and plan to spend the same amount of interview time with all candidates


Checking References

Vanderbilt requires a minimum of two work-related references from the candidate's previous employment. References should be obtained from individuals who provided supervision to the individual or have unique insight into his or her work, or from the office specifically designated by the employer to provide such information. To supplement any references obtained by the hiring manager, employment verifications on external candidates will be conducted by a pre-employment screening vendor and initiated by the recruiter on final candidates.

References for internal candidates are as important. The recruiter or hiring manager can conduct these depending on circumstances and preferences. The recruiter will extend a contingent offer until the current supervisor provides the reference.


Offer Process

Once a finalist is selected, the recruiter, in consultation with the hiring manager, develops the salary recommendation and builds the offer letter of record within TalentCentral. The recruiter can send the offer letter directly to the candidate or to the hiring manager, for them to share with the candidate. If the offer is accepted, the hiring manager notifies the recruiter and this triggers a background check (if needed). Upon successful completion of the background check, the hiring manager, with assistance from the onboarding administrator, gives the new hire their official start date, initiates the onboarding process and arranges for the new hire's orientation.

Pre-Employment Criminal Background Check

Vanderbilt uses a third party vendor to conduct all pre-employment background checks. The background check will be completed only after a contingent offer of employment is made to the selected candidate and the Talent Acquisition Team is notified.

Vanderbilt will conduct pre-employment background checks on all final candidates for positions in departments that have elected or are required to use these checks in the hiring process. All offers of employment are contingent upon the successful completion of the background check. Prospective hires cannot begin work prior to the hiring department receiving notification from the Talent Acquisition Team that the candidate meets all pre-screening criteria.

Please note that external staffing agencies employing temporary workers must adhere to the same background screening procedures and criteria established for Vanderbilt staff. Departments must notify Vanderbilt Temporary Services of the intent to make such hires. Hiring managers should ensure that in appropriate cases a background check is done for independent contractors who will be performing work on campus. A person's status as an employee or independent contract consultant is determined by Human Resources Compensation.