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New Staff Orientation

Last Modified: 2016-08-22

New Staff Orientation is Vanderbilt's way of welcoming you to a thriving cultural center that embraces and celebrates diverse talents and contributions. Designed with you in mind, New Staff Orientation teaches everything you need to know as you begin your Vanderbilt career.

New University staff will attend University Orientation as soon as possible after beginning work at Vanderbilt, preferably on the first day.

Your manager will work with HR to register you for the orientation and will let you know your scheduled date. If you have not received orientation information before your first day of work, contact Clair Brigman with Human Resources at 615-322-8320 or

Before Orientation

  • Review Vanderbilt benefits information before your first day of work/orientation. Click here to see details on benefits for which you may qualify.

Where and When to Go/Parking

University orientation is held every Monday from 8 a.m. to approximately 12:30 p.m., in the Baker Building, 10th floor, 110 21st Ave. S. The Baker Building sits directly behind Qdoba Mexican Grill.  Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m., and the program starts promptly at 8 a.m. If you are going to be late, please contact your supervisor to reschedule; registration closes after 8:30 a.m.


Directions for driving to the Baker Building

The Baker Building is located on 21st Ave. However, parking for orientation is accessed from Terrace Place. The easiest way to access Terrace Place from 21st Ave. S. is by is by turning onto 21st. Ave. S. from West End Ave. and then taking a left onto Terrace Place. Note: 21st Ave. S. is one way.


Parking for orientation is on the roof of the Terrace Place Garage, located next to the Baker Building. 

Once you are on Terrace Place, turn left into the Terrace Place Garage (map below), which is next door to the Baker Building. Please do not park in the Baker Building (see image below). Do not stop at the pay station - you are not required to pay for parking for orientation as long as you park on the ROOF level only (picture below). Please note if you park on any level other than the roof, you will get a parking violation ticket.

Baker Building Garage (do not park here) and Terrace Place Garage (please park here)


Terrace Place Garage roof - please park here


Once you enter the Terrace Place Garage, you will drive up seven (7) levels until you reach the roof. You will then take the Level 7 elevator or staircase to the street, and then turn right and walk until you arrive at the back door of the Baker Building (picture below). Please enter through the back door; do not enter through the Baker Building Garage.

Back door of Baker Building (next to Reno's Hair Salon) 


Once you are inside the Baker Building, take the elevator to the 10th floor and look for orientation signs.

Directions to the Baker Building if you are walking/taking the bus

The front door of the Baker Building sits on 21st Ave. S. around the corner from Qdoba Mexican Grill. Once you enter the building through this door (picture below), take the elevator to the 10th floor and look for orientation signs.

Front door of Baker Building



 What to Expect

This orientation is divided into three main themes: Understanding Vanderbilt Culture, Meeting Your Basic Needs, and Preparing You for Success. Employees who attend this orientation will learn the following:

  • Vanderbilt's history and mission
  • Benefits of being a Vanderbilt employee
  • How Vanderbilt keeps its employees safe, healthy, and happy
  • How to be a successful Vanderbilt employee
  • How to complete new employee paperwork and get started in your Vanderbilt career

 What to Bring

  • Identification for I-9 employment eligibility verification (see /i9/)
  • Social security numbers for dependents you want to cover in Vanderbilt's benefit programs
  • Supervisor name, department name, and department phone number

 What to Wear

Business casual attire or work clothes are recommended. Orientation is paid work time, so dress as you would for a day at work. Check with your supervisor for any other instructions.