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Pamela A. Brown

Organizational Effectiveness Team Member

Pamela A. Brown is the Director of HR’s Organizational Effectiveness Team at Vanderbilt University, a position she assumed in September, 2002.  In that role she oversees HR training and organizational development activities for the university.  She has 30 years of professional work experience in the university setting.  In addition to 15 years as a training and organizational development director, she has extensive experience in employee engagement, performance management, adult education, curriculum development, career development and counseling.  Her expertise in these areas has resulted in the creation and implementation of leadership development programs for university staff and faculty. Her training and facilitation experience focuses on conflict resolution and communication, especially as it relates to leaders and teams.

Pam came to Vanderbilt from the University of Vermont where she was on the faculty and was Director of University training and Development.  She began her career at UCLA as a counselor in the College of Letters and Science.

Pam has a B.A. in English from the University of California, Los Angeles and a M.S. in Counseling from California State University, San Diego.

Pam’s MBTI type is: INFJ.

Contact Pam by email or phone at 615-343-1291.