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Human Resources

Human Resources
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Compensation Program

Last Modified: 2017-04-07

-Who is covered
-Who is responsible
-Job information and comparison
-Relevant market considerations
-Performance increases
-Equity adjustments

-Range placement
-Knowledge, skills & abilities
-Market competitiveness
-New hires/promotions/transfers
-Internal equity
-Budget & legal considerations
-Balancing the factors
-Communicating with staff
-Related HR policies

  • Performance and Pay

-Performance Evaluation (VPES)
-University Leadership Model Scoring Descriptor
-Paper evaluation form template

  • Job Descriptions

-Guidelines for How to Write a Job Description
-Job Description Database

-PDQ- used to describe job duties for a new position or change in established position.
-PDQ-EZ- EZ is an alternative to the PDQ that can be used any time a department prefers to submit job duties attached in an alternate format, i.e., Word document, etc.
-ePAF- Used to add new hires to payroll or to implement changes for current staff. Please refer to ePAC for additional information.

-Create or Change Existing Positions
-Types of Positions
-F.T.E. Hours Needed