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Vanderbilt Employee Appreciation

At Vanderbilt University, appreciation is an essential part of how we create community and honor the hard work and dedication behind all of our employees.

We know everything that happens at Vanderbilt is possible because of our employees and their focused involvement in our purpose and mission. We owe them our thanks daily.

To express our thanks, we have a team of seasoned professionals with more than 20 years of experience in employee programs and special event planning. This team works yearlong to plan, implement and evaluate our appreciation programs and events.

All of our appreciation events will meet one of the following goals:

  • Honor the dedication and commitment of Vanderbilt employees
  • Recognize employees with significant service anniversaries
  • Support our effort to become and remain an employer of choice

We invite you to attend these events and enjoy part of what has become our Vanderbilt tradition and culture. 

Fully benefits-eligible faculty and staff, please bring your gold VU ID card with the iClass symbol to all Employee Appreciation events.

Click to watch the 2019 Employee Appreciation Highlights!

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