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COVID-19 Related Resources for VU Employees

Health, Health Insurance and Prescriptions

  • Faculty and Staff on VU health insurance who are tested for COVID-19 will not be charged for the test, the university is subsidizing the cost of the test.
  • To those identified as having COVID-19, Aetna will send a Healing Better COVID-19 kits the  member’s home within 1-3 days of Aetna receiving notification of diagnosis. Members diagnosed with COVID-19 will be identified using inpatient hospitalizations and by self-reports. NoteThis could change depending upon the numbers of identified members.
  • VUMC is working to make telehealth visits available for all VUMC clinicians via My Health at Vanderbilt.
      • In cases where telehealth is not available, if patient and clinician agree that timing of the visit is flexible, VUMC will work to adjust appointments accordingly.
      • Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network (VHAN) has several convenience care locations throughout middle TN, visit our VHAN page to see the list of hospitals, walk-in clinics, etc. 
  • VUMC also has a dedicated hotline to conduct phone screening for those who think they may be exhibiting symptoms associated with the coronavirus – fever, cough, and shortness of breath – (888) 312-0847.
  • Navitus, our prescription drug benefit provider, remains committed to serving VU’s employees and has made the following changes to better serve plan participants.  Read more
  • Use the Vanderbilt Mail Order Pharmacy to save time and keep you safe during the COVID-19 safer at home order. Mail order is an easy way for you to purchase a 90-day supply delivered directly to your door (prescriptions can also be picked up at the Vanderbilt Pharmacy of your choice).

Retirement and Flexible Spending Account Options

  • CARES Act Allows Retirement Hardship Withdrawals: The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) permits Vanderbilt University to allow qualified COVID-19 coronavirus related distributions available from the Vanderbilt University Retirement Plan.
  • CARES Act Distributions Now Available: The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) permits Vanderbilt University to allow qualified Penalty-Free Distributions and changes to participant loan provisions and repayment requirements.
  • IRS allows Dependent Care FSA changesDue to COVID-19, the IRS is allowing employees who face changes in their dependent care situation to qualify as a “change in status.” Therefore, employees may increase, decrease or stop funds from being deposited into a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA). 

Well-being and Family Resources

  • EAP continues to be a resource to staff
  • Work/Life Connections-EAP ConnectCARE now offers teleconsulting sessions via phone or ZOOM Telehealth videoconferencing, which is an encrypted platform that is completely confidential. 
  • VCFC Family Resources to Manage New Routines Related to COVID-19
    • Resources for Living® (RFL), Aetna’s employee assistance program. Access to Aetna's RFL Toolkit online, which includes guides and articles as well as live webinars, infographics and expert resources on key topics like managing stress, resources for basic needs, helping young children cope and managing grief and loss. Real-time phone support to help callers cope with the emotional impact of the pandemic (accessible by calling 1-833-327-AETNA or 1-833-327-2386).