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HR Consulting, Employee and Labor Relations

Meet Our Team

Cleo Rucker Bari Brooks Chris Hicks Teea Moore Anita Wilhelm's Tanya Brown
Cleo D. Rucker
Director HR Consulting,
Employee & Labor
Bari Brooks
HR Consultant

Chris Hicks
HR Consultant

Teea Moore
HR & Labor
Relations Consultant

Anita Wihelm
Associate HR

Tanya Brown
Leave Manager


The mission of HR Consulting, Employee and Labor Relations’ is to promote a respectful, diverse and high performing work culture through partnership with employees and leaders, to identify and respond changing needs, while advancing the overall mission of Vanderbilt University

What we do?

Help foster supervisor and employee relationships and providing guidance to employees and leaders on strategic people initiatives, workforce analysis, policy creation, interpretation and guidance, leave management, employee and labor relations, discipline and performance management, leader and employee training.

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