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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation is a no-fault benefit to employees of the University who suffer an injury or occupational disease resulting from their work. All employees, including student workers and part-time employees, are covered by Workers' Compensation. The Workers' Compensation Law provides the following benefits:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Permanent Partial/Total Disability
  • Death Benefits

If you hire, or are planning to hire, any employees who work outside the state of Tennessee, please contact Human Resources.

Medical Treatment

State Law allows the employer to choose a panel of medical providers, and the one chosen will be used to treat the injured employee. Please check with Tracy Woodard for a list of authorized medical providers. If the employee chooses to seek treatment with his/her personal physician, medical charges will not be paid by Workers' Compensation. 

Lost Wages

By law, a seven day (7-)day waiting period is in effect and no compensation is payable during the waiting period unless the disability last longer than 7 calendar days. Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits would begin on the eighth calendar day off work. If the employee is off work more than 14 calendar days the TTD benefits would go back and pick up the first week, or waiting period. The work injury / illness and related time away from work is determined by the authorized paneled physician. 

Staff members may use accrued sick time to supplement workers' compensation benefits. It is also possible for staff members to supplement workers' compensation benefits with accrued vacation and holiday time. This procedure is coordinated between the staff and member's supervisor and the Payroll Department. 

Permanent Partial Disability

If the injury results in a permanent disability, the employee may receive a settlement based on the percent of disability. Once a settlement is reached, benefits for future medical treatment may be left open. Benefits for future lost wages are no longer payable. 

After a settlement is reached the employee will be notified to appear before the Davidson County Chancery or Circuit court. The employee will be apprised of his/her rights under the law and the judge will approve the settlement. 

Death Benefit

If an employee dies as the result of work-related injury, he/she is entitled to burial expenses per Tennessee Department of Labor (TDOL) guidelines. If the deceased employee left no dependents, the estate of the deceased employee receives expenses per TDOL guidelines. If the employee does leave dependents, the dependents may receive the deceased employee's maximum weekly benefit for the number of weeks outlined by TDOL. 

If you have questions, need clarification on policies or just want general information pertaining to Workers' Compensation, please contact the Worker's Compensation team. 

In order to receive benefits under Workers' Compensation, an employee must report the injury to his/her supervisor/department immediately after it occurs. The department must report all injuries to HR Claims via the VERTIAS application.

Work Injury / Illness Reporting (must be used in Google Chrome; also you must be logged in to the Vanderbilt network to access this link) 

How to Instructions: 

  • Sign in with your VUNet ID - or you can sign in anonymously
  • Click on the First Report of Work Injury icon
  • Follow prompts - the mandatory fields have a green asterisk beside them. The Brief Factual Description is not mandatory, but please be sure to complete this field as best as possible. 
  • Once complete, hit the green Submit button at the bottom of the page. 

If you have any questions, please contact Patricia Parker. 

If the online work injury link is not operational at the time of reporting you may still use the paper form 1st Report of Work Injury. The paper form 1st Report of Work Injury may then be mailed, faxed, telephoned or emailed to HR Claims. 

VERITAS First Report of Work Injury Incident Reporting:

BEFORE ENTERING VERITAS - You will need the following information related to the injured employee in order to complete the report successfully and quickly:

First/Last Name

Employee ID


Date of Birth

Work Email / Work Phone

Social Security Number

Body Part(s) Injured

Zip of Home Residence

Supervisor's Name

Description of Accident

Time Started Work

Cause of Accident

Location of Accident or Building closest to location

Where receiving (received) medical treatment

Whether or not employee is continuing to work 


Go to "VERTIAS Occurrence Reporting and First Report of Work Injury" on the right side. You can sign in with your VUNet ID and e-password or you can sign in anonymously.


Click on the First Report of Work Injury icon.
Fill in the form. All items with a green asterisk are mandatory fields (must be completed). 


  • Choose "Vanderbilt University" in the Organization drop-down box (even if the incident occurred at a VUMC location). 
  • Choose either "Offsite" or "University Campus (Non-Medical Center)" for the Site Where Incident Occurred. 
  • The Department Where Incident Occurred refers to the location (or building nearest to the location) of the incident. 
  • Please fill in the Brief Factual Description box so we will know what your injury is and how the injury occurred. 

When you have completed the form, click the submit button at the bottom right of the screen. 

If you have any question, please contact Patricia Parker, 6-0865. 

Staff members receiving temporary total disability (TTD) benefits as a result of work related injury or illness may be eligible for Participation in the Return to Work Program Eligibility requirement and specific instructions are referenced in the Return to Work program Policy. Return to Work Program: HR-10

If you have an employee who lives and works outside the state of Tennessee, please contact HR. HR and HR Claims will work together to secure coverage in that state.