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Status While on Short-Term Disability

Once disability benefits are approved, a Personnel Action Form will be completed, placing you on Leave of Absence due to Short-Term Disability.

During the time you are paid short-term disability benefits, you are considered to be in an 'unpaid status' with Vanderbilt. Unpaid status with Vanderbilt will result in having to pay other benefit premiums (such as health, dental, or life insurance) through direct billing if the unpaid status is in place for longer than one pay period. For information about direct billing contact the Direct Billing Administrator, Benefit Express by calling 877.837.5017 or emailing

If you are not able to return to work and have been in a Leave of Absence for six months, you may be eligible for long-term disability. If you are approved for long-term disability, your employment relationship with Vanderbilt and benefits, including health care coverage if you have been receiving it, will end effective the last day of the month after your long-term disability is approved by Unum.