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Self-directed brokerage account

The following resources provide more details about the funds available and costs associated with self-directed brokerage accounts (also referred to as BrokerageLink accounts at Fidelity):

Fidelity BrokerageLink® Fact Sheet
This fact sheet contains information about the features of your Fidelity BrokerageLink® account. In case of discrepancy, the Vanderbilt University 403(b) Plan Document will govern.

Fidelity BrokerageLink® Commission Schedule
This schedule provides a detailed breakdown of the costs and fees associated with investing in different types of mutual funds within a BrokerageLink account.

Available Mutual Funds by type
Browse funds you can invest in through a BrokerageLink account, broken down by the type of securities they contain. You can also find quick links to lists of funds with no transaction fees, 4- or 5-star Morningstar ratings, or are recommended by Fidelity advisers.

Available Mutual Funds by family
Browse funds you can invest in through a BrokerageLink account, broken down by the investment companies that offer and manage them. The NTF symbol indicates a company that offers at least one fund that doesn't have transaction fees.

BrokerageLink Account Information Guide

BrokerageLink Fees


Options for Managing Transaction Fees

Transaction Fee Funds (which are funds not participating in the Fidelity's "No transaction fee" (NTF) funds program), such as Vanguard funds, have a transaction fee assessed on each new purchase. The Vanderbilt 403(b) Plan allows payroll contributions to be directed to a BrokerageLink account. If you set up an automatic investment into a transaction fee fund for these payroll contributions, you can avoid the transaction fee assessed for that purchase.

These automatic purchase instructions will remain in place until you request otherwise. This process will allow for purchases into these preselected funds each time a payroll contribution posts to the BrokerageLink account without incurring the transaction fee.

Some funds in BrokerageLink do have fund minimums that must be met, even for automatic purchase into those funds. As this is specific to each fund, this will be reviewed at the time of your request to add the automatic investment instructions.

Before investing, consider the funds' investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Contact Fidelity for a prospectus or, if available, a summary prospectus containing this information. Read it carefully.

A self-directed brokerage account may entail greater risk and is not appropriate for everyone. Additional fees apply to a BrokerageLink account.