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Wages and Salary for Employees

International employees are entitled to compensation for services rendered.  Compensation is generally provided through wages or salary.  In addition, international employees that meet the benefit eligibility are entitled to all benefits offered to domestic employees.  Please refer to for benefit eligibility details.

All international employees, receiving wages, salary or other compensation for services, are required to have a Social Security Number (SSN). International Students, please contact ISSS for details on how to apply for your SSN.

International employees who do not yet have a SSN can begin working as long as their immigration status permits employment.  The International Tax Office will issue a temporary Placeholder Number (PHN) to your department for employment assignments and VUNet ID purposes.  An international employee is required to provide ITO with their SSN as quickly as possible. Place Holder Numbers are issued for internal use ONLY. Please do not use this number outside of Vanderbilt University.