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Monitoring and Communicating Action Plan Results

  • Engagement improves when action happens. Putting time and effort into collecting meaningful feedback and developing action plans has little to no (sometimes even negative) impact on staff engagement unless the action plan is monitored and progress is communicated.
  • Before setting a plan in place, determine how to maintain accountability and commitment.
    • Consider appointing an individual or a group dedicated to tracking the progress of the action plan
    • Set reminders or meetings to check in on progress made
    • Create milestones or measurable objectives with due dates
    • Incorporate the action plans into your departmental goal-setting
  • Equally important is communicating the action plan progress to the team. Changes and progress can occur, but if employees are unaware of what’s been done, it becomes challenging to see how their feedback matters.
    • Use department-wide meetings or team meetings as a platform for communicating efforts
    • Designate a spot in a division/school/department newsletter to share updates
    • Send a monthly email to your team detailing the progression
    • Post the action plans in places visible to employees, the folder where progress is updated periodically.
    • Use the “You Said It/ We did It” graphic to communicate your progress. 
  • It’s OK if significant progress hasn’t been made as quickly as anticipated; sometimes simply knowing concerns have been heard and feedback is being considered can be enough. Make sure to communicate any delays to your team and the reason for them.
  • Remember, transparency and communication are substantial driving factors in increasing engagement.