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Aetna International Health Plan

J1T Visa Health Insurance Page

Employees who are classified as J1T Exchange Visitors who wish to be enrolled in a Vanderbilt University health plan may elect only the Aetna International Plan, since it is the only health plan that complies with requirements of the J1T Visa. Health benefits begin on your hire date, or the first date you become eligible. Monthly premiums are not prorated.  See the Aetna International Plan cost details here.

Click here to view the evidence of coverage booklets (most detailed information), summaries of benefits and coverage (SBCs), and other documentation for each option. Click on the links below for the provider directory and administrators' web sites. Also see the Aetna International Plan Brochure

While we try to provide accurate information, this is summary information and as such, certain details and qualifying information is not included. If any information provided here varies from the official plan documents, the plan document prevails.

Aetna Docfind Online Provider Directory

Aetna International Website

Prescription Drug Benefit

OTC COVID-19 Tests

On January 10, the Biden Administration issued guidance requiring all group health plans and health insurers to cover OTC COVID-19 tests without member cost share effective January 15, 2022.

The new OTC coverage requirement:

  • Allows consumers with commercial health coverage to seek reimbursement from their health plan for OTC tests they purchase online or in-person without the direct involvement of a health care provider.
  • Requires health plans to cover, without cost sharing, up to 8 OTC tests per member per 30 days (if kits contain 2 tests, then no more than 4 kits per 30 days).
  • Maintains the policy that plans are only required to cover tests intended for diagnosis or treatment (versus routine screenings for employment, school or recreational purposes).

Note: This mandate is in effect until the end of the federal public health emergency. Any tests purchased pursuant to a physician’s order will not be subject to the quantity limit.   This mandate does not apply to claims incurred outside the U.S.

Prices assume you use an Aetna Pharmacy. To find an Aetna Pharmacy, simply call the number on your Member ID Card.

PHARMACY (Rx) — Monthly Costs

Level 1
(All covered generics and
some lower cost brand products)

$20 co-pay

50% after deductible

Level 2
(Preferred brand

$40 co-pay

Level 3
brand products)

$70 co-pay


$70 co-pay

$150 Max


Other Benefits

Preventive Care Program. A comprehensive Preventive Care Program that covers such things as annual well-checkups and well-baby visits for covered dependents.

Applied Behavior Analysis for Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Includes coverage for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Refer to the Evidence of Coverage Booklet for more information.

Global Telemedicine Offerings. Connect to virtual support when and where you need it, 24/7.

Health Care Plan Eligibility

Only employees with the classification of J1T Exchange Visitor are eligible for the Aetna International Health Plan.

Aetna automatically issues health insurance cards for the Aetna International health plan option to new fully benefits-eligible, J1T Exchange Visitor employees. To elect the Aetna International health plan option to cover eligible family members, you must complete New Hire Enrollment in My VU Benefits within 30 days of your hire or eligibility date (see "How to Enroll" below).

Health benefits begin on your hire date, or the first date you are eligible. The monthly cost of the health plan is not pro-rated.

How to Enroll

To enroll, use My VU Benefits within 30 days of your hire date:

  1. Go to My VU Benefits and log in with your VUnetID and ePassword
  2. Make your benefits selections
  3. Print your benefits enrollment receipt and keep it for your records


Aetna International Welcome Guide

Know Where to Go for Care

Aetna International Plan Brochure

Aetna International Plan Costs

Aetna International Plan Premiums

How to enroll guide


Frequently Asked Questions

J1T Exchange Visitors are only eligible for Vanderbilt University’s Aetna International Plan. This is because neither the Select PPO nor Choice CDHP meet the health insurance requirements of the J1T status category.

To find providers covered on the health plans go to Aetna’s DocFind. You can also call Aetna at 800.743.0910.

Preventive care coverage means you won't have a co-pay for most routine services like cholesterol screenings. You can learn more by viewing the Aetna International Plan Brochure {link}. Or the Aetna website has details.

  • Go to the Aetna International website.
  • Log in to Aetna Navigator by selecting "Member Log In."
  • Once you log in, look for "Health Programs" and then select "Preventive Health Schedule."
  • Choose your age and gender to find your preventive guidelines.
  • If you have questions, call Aetna Customer Service at 800-743-0910.

See the premiums sheet (you will need your VUNetID and Password)

Yes, monthly premiums will come out of each check. If you are paid weekly or bi-weekly, these amounts will be divided between four or two paychecks of each month.

If you are fully benefits-eligible, you will default into the Aetna International health plan at the Individual Level, starting on your hire date. If you do not want coverage under the Vanderbilt Health Plan or would like to select a different coverage level (e.g. family), you must go in to My VU Benefits within 30 days of your hire date and waive coverage

Yes. When you enroll, indicate in My VU Benefits that you want to waive health coverage. If you are a fully benefits eligible employee and you don't waive, you will default into coverage at the level at which you are currently enrolled.  If you are currently in a waived health care status through VU, you will continue to be waived. J1T Exchange Visitors who choose to waive health coverage should contact their J program sponsor to provide proof of acceptable coverage prior to waiving VU health plan enrollment.

No, J1T Exchange Visitors are not eligible for this credit because the Aetna International Health Plan is a fully insured plan. 

The fee is applicable to spouses that have access to health coverage through another employer, including Vanderbilt University Medical Center, but prefers using the Vanderbilt Health Plan. In this event, the employee will be charged a $100 monthly fee.

 The fee does not apply to J1T visa holders enrolled in the Aetna International Health plan since it is a fully insured plan.

There is no mechanism to include Go for the Gold dollars to the Aetna International Health Plan because it is a fully insured plan. You will instead receive the Go for the Gold rewards you earned in your paycheck. Note that the amount will be taxed.