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Traveling with Vanderbilt Health Care

Vanderbilt provides health care coverage to benefits-eligible participants and their dependents while traveling outside the network area, whether in the United States or in a foreign country. Please see your insurance provider's section below for more information.

International Travel


  • All Aetna plans require that you pay the provider and then submit a claim form to Aetna.
  • Foreign emergency/urgent care claims are paid at  Aetna's in-network level of coverage
  • Download an Aetna claim form

Capital Rx (pharmacy coverage)

  • If you are traveling outside the United States, your claims are paid at the out-of-network level and you will need to file a claim with Capital Rx.
  • If you are planning an extended trip, and need more than a 90-day supply of a maintenance drug, contact Human Resources to provide your itinerary and the reason for the prescription.
  • Contact Capital Rx at  or call 1-833-599-0942

MetLife Travel Assistance

If you purchase $10,000 or more of Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance, you are eligible for MetLife's Travel Assistance. The payroll premium for $10,000 of AD&D coverage is $.14 (14 cents) per month. Participants have access to assistance when faced with an emergency while traveling internationally or domestically when more than 100 miles away from home.

MetLife provides worldwide medical, travel, concierge, legal and financial assistance services through Travel Assistance which includes:

  • medical referrals and appointments with English speaking doctors, dentists and specialists (over 600,000 pre-qualified providers in more than 238 countries)
  • hospital admission validation
  • emergency evacuation
  • air and ground ambulance service
  • trained multilingual personnel who can advise and assist you in a travel emergency
  • repatriation benefit
  • return of mortal remains
  • lost document and luggage assistance

As long as the service provided is covered, you will not have to pay the provider upfront and then look for reimbursement.

In most instances the employee will be relying on AXA to help arrange the services and AXA and the vendor work out the payment arrangements. The Maximum Benefit Amount is 100% of covered expenses up to $200,000 per Eligible Person per trip.  Learn more by reading the MetLife Travel Assistance brochure.

Travel in the United States


  • Aetna’s national network provides coverage throughout the United States.
  • Make sure you use an in-network physician or facility by checking the Aetna website provider listing or calling Aetna’s customer service at 1.800.743.0910.


For questions about health care coverage, check out our FAQ page. You can also contact Human Resources.