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Payroll Check Distribution

Your contact and paycheck information can be updated in Oracle Cloud under the Personal Information module within the About Me section of the Navigator. Please reference the quick guide.

You will be able to access historical information (as applicable), such as paycheck data, prior to this date using an archived version of the C2HR website rather than through Oracle Cloud.

Paycheck Earnings, Taxes, Deductions, & Accrual Balances

Payroll checks and direct deposit advices provide current pay period and year-to-date details of all earnings, taxes, and deductions. The paycheck also outlines benefits provided by Vanderbilt, as well as PTO bank balances for all employees.

The University complies with all applicable Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines; and accordingly, the following taxes are deducted from employees’ pay when applicable:

  • Federal withholding income tax
  • The Social Security portion of FICA ("Fed OASDI/Dis" on the paystub)
  • The Medicare Insurance portion of FICA ("Fed FICA-MHI on the paystub")

Limits on these deductions may vary yearly. For current information, contact the Payroll Office.

IRS Guidelines allow certain employee payroll deductions to reduce the"taxable amount" when calculating the amount of taxes an employee must pay.These "Before-Tax Deductions" are listed separately on the paystub, and include deductions deductions such as: 403(b) (Retirement), Medical, Dental, and AD&D premiums, as well as Personal Spending Accounts.

Other "After-Tax Deductions" may be taken from employees’ pay and are outlined accordingly on the paystub. These items are deducted after the employee’s taxes have been calculated and are primarily provided as a convenience to the employee. Examples include parking fees,tuition, and Credit Union.

At times the University is required to deduct amounts from an employee's pay as the result of a court order for a garnishment/bankruptcy repayment, child support, etc. These deductions are administered by the University Payroll Office in strict accordance with the court documents.