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Paychecks Overview

This section provides information on pay dates, different methods of payment, paycheck/advice distribution and calculation.



Pay dates occur in accordance with the dates outlined on the Payroll Calendar. Payroll disbursements to employees may be made in one of two methods:

  • A direct deposit to the employee's financial institution
  • A direct deposit to The Vanderbilt Paycard
  • A "live" paycheck

Learn more about the Vanderbilt Paycard.

The actual deposits will occur on the designated pay date. Some banks may credit accounts for direct deposits on the evening before a pay date, however the University is only responsible for check deposits on the pay date.

Staff paid by Direct Deposit are encouraged to use Oracle to review their current pay information such as earnings, taxes, deductions, bank accounts and the "net" amount that has been deposited. Employees are encouraged to review and print off a copy of their paystubs on a regular basis.

"Live" paychecks may be cashed or deposited up to 60 days from the pay date as shown on the check. After 60 days, the checks become "stale" and a replacement check must be issued. See the Lost/Stale Check Procedures in this section for additional information.