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Timesheet FAQ

How do I log my time and view past timesheets?
Timesheets are retained in Oracle from 2018 forward. To view past timesheets and document current or future time, log into Oracle using your vunet ID and password. Then navigate to Time and Absences where you can create and submit your current timesheet or access past timecards. *Note, if you punch in and out via timeclocks, you will not be able to adjust current or future timesheets via Oracle. However, you can still view past timesheets there.

Does Vanderbilt University round punches/time?
Yes, Vanderbilt does round time to the nearest quarter hour. For more information on how to calculate this, please visit here

What is the deadline for submitting my timecard to make sure I’m paid on payday?
Vanderbilt’s payroll calendar, that includes timecard deadlines can be found here. Remember that the timecard must be fully approved by the deadline to be a part of payroll.

I worked 45 hours last week. My supervisor told me I would be paid overtime, but now I have received my pay and there is no overtime earnings. My paycheck has 37 Regular Hours and 8 PTO Hours. Is this correct?
Yes. You must have actually worked 40 hours before overtime is paid.