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Timesheet FAQ

UKG (Kronos)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I use for my username and password?
    You will use your VUNetID and password to log into the UKG timesheet tool. 

  2. What is the website to use for UKG Ready and which browser works best with the system?
    The system is found here: and Chrome is the recommended browser that will maximize its performance. 

  3. Where do I download the UKG app? Your Smartphone's app store (Apple App Store, or Google Play store) will have the UKG Ready app. After downloading, to set it up, choose North America when prompted and then enter 6185937 for the Company Short Name.

  1. Will any other processes change in conjunction with the system?
    No. Timesheet submission and approval deadlines will remain the same and payroll will still be processed out of Oracle so you will continue to go there to update contact, direct deposit and tax information. You will also still retrieve payslips and view PTO and leave balances out of Oracle as well. Additionally, exempt employees will continue to submit and track their absences in Oracle as opposed to UKG (Kronos).

  2. Will employees still have timesheets?
    Yes, each hourly employee will still have an individual timesheet, but these will be electronic within the UKG Ready system. 

  3. Will the timesheet editing process be eliminated?
    No. Edits to employee time sheets will continue to be made as necessary; however, these edits will take place electronically within the system. 

  4. How will I be able to check on how much PTO time I have?
    All accruals will be updated every pay period and you can check them any time you need to by logging into Oracle and going to Me>Time and Absences>Absence Balance. Additionally, you can view this information in UKG Ready. If you punch in at a clock, those numbers will be available right on the clock. If you use a computer to log your time, you will be able to check your time after logging into the timekeeping system. 

  5. Can I use the Raw Total column on my timesheet to put in my total hours for the day instead of clocking in and out?
    You only want to use the Raw Total option to log the total hours you use for FMLA, TMLA, Parental Leave, and Holiday Pay in an applicable day (as opposed to inputting specific times). For every other time type (including hours worked and PTO used), you’ll want to put in your exact to and from punches.

  6. What do I use the ‘Activities’ column for?
    When appropriate, you would log ‘On Call’ time and denote ‘Call Back’ time using the Activities option. VUPD employees also have the option to designate particular hours as working at a ‘Special Event’ using the Activities dropdown.

  7. What if I need a timesheet from a period before UKG (Kronos)?
    You can contact your HCM Specialist for copies of timesheets from Oracle. 

  8. How do I add Parental Leave to my timesheet?
    You will use the Raw Total column on my timesheet and can only take parental leave in 8 hours per day increments.

  1. Who needs to swipe-in and out each day using a time clock?
    Only those employees who are currently using a time clock or have specifically been told by their leadership that they are using a physical time clock will use one with UKG. All other hourly employees will log their hours worked using the website or mobile app. 

  2. Will everyone get a new badge to swipe in with?
    No, you will continue to use your current physical Vanderbilt University badge but with the new time clocks. 

  3. What if I forget or lose my badge?
    You will be unable to clock in without your physical badge and will need to work with your manager to obtain a replacement. 

  4. Can the "swipe" cards/badges be transferred between locations?
    Employees who need to swipe in/out will be able to do so at any time clock, regardless of its location. 

  5. When an employee swipes-in/out, how will they know if their swipe was accepted?
    The system will provide visual and auditory signals in the form of a green light and beep as each swipe is successfully made. 

  6. What happens if an employee forgets to clock in or out?
    If you forget to clock in, notify your manager or HCM Specialist and they will insert your time on the timesheet. 

  7. Will the time clock be able to provide a printout of an employee's timesheet for their review?
    No. Employees will be able to review their own timesheets at the time clock. If an employee would like a printout of their timesheet, their manager will be able to print a hard copy. 

  1. How does the system work?
    The system helps organizations automate the process of collecting time and attendance information and calculating employee pay. The system is a web-based technology that provides multiple access points for employees and managers.  

  2. Will the system determine if I am late? Will there be a grace period?
    The system is configured using schedules and pay rules provided by the different departments. Each department management decides how much grace to allow before the system sees the employees clocking in or out as early or late.   

  3. Will the supervisor be able to check on an employee’s time?
    Yes, they will be able to see your time on a daily basis if they choose.

  1. Will managers continue to approve employee timesheets?
    Yes. Managers will still approve time worked for their own employees, but they will do this simply by clicking a button within the system to create an electronic signature. 

  2. I have employees/students that work outside of the state of Tennessee. Do I need to be aware of anything special for those individuals?
    Possibly. People working in Alaska, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Nevada and Rhode Island have unique time reporting and/or overtime calculation requirements. Click here for more information.

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