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Timesheet FAQs

Who signs the timesheet if there are multiple centers?
Each supervisor authorized to approve charges for each center should sign the timesheet. Normally, departments ask one supervisor to sign the official bottom-left statement and other supervisors initial the respective centers charged.

How should non-exempt military leave be handled? How is the Military Leave (MIL) Earnings Type used?
The military leave earnings code on timesheets has the same impact as using PTO. The employee receives paid time and the hours are deducted from the PTO balance. This separate earnings code allows for specific tracking of time off for military leave purposes. Refer to the Leave Policy.

Will departments use blank timesheets for new hires?
Yes, but only if the new hire cannot use Kronos or e-timesheet.

When should we use the overtime earnings type (OTP)?
If you need to specify which center should be charged overtime (rather than allocating to the default centers), then specify on the timesheet by using the OTP earnings code charged to specific centers. If hours in excess of 40 are recorded as REG hours, the employee WILL receive overtime pay and the overtime charges will be allocated based on the earnings distribution for that job. If hours less than 40 are recorded as REG hours, the employee may not receive overtime pay. Example: If the employee worked 32 REG hours, used 8 PTO hours, and worked another 3 hours, those 3 hours will not be paid at overtime just because they were coded OTP. Coding as OTP does not ensure payment at the overtime rate.

What determines the timesheet distribution?
Paper timesheets are only distributed to areas that are not using Kronos or e-timesheet. The distribution is based on the mail drop ID for each job of each employee, as specified on the PAF. If not specified on the PAF, the mail drop ID for each job will be the default mail drop ID for the home department of that job.

I worked 45 hours last week. My supervisor told me I would be paid overtime, but now I have received my pay and there is no overtime earnings. My paycheck has 37 Regular Hours and 8 PTO Hours. Is this correct?
Yes. You must have actually worked 40 hours before overtime is paid.