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Transfers occur when an employee moves from one position number to another. This includes promotions, lateral transfers, department changes, job change or demotion. All transfers should occur in accordance with the University Transfer policy.

Note: Per University policy, for non-exempt/hourly employees, pay increases or other salary changes for a transfer should only occur at the beginning of the pay period for the new position.

When an employee is moved into a different position number, he/she will assume the home department, job code, job title, position number, pay group, regular/temporary status, full/part-time status, and compensation frequency for that position.


We have an employee who is being transferred from an hourly non-exempt position to an exempt position. Do we have to wait until the first of a month to transfer them to the exempt position, since that is the beginning of a pay period?
No. The system will make an automatic adjustment to the exempt pay based upon the effective date.

What if a non-exempt employee transfers to another non-exempt position at a different rate of pay - can this be done in the middle of a pay period?
No, it must occur at the beginning of the new pay period.