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Turkey Toss

 Friday, Dec 15, 2023  | 7 am - 6 pm drive-through | 7 am - 4 pm in-person

Vanderbilt University faculty, staff and postdocs are invited to participate in Turkey Toss 2023 on Friday, Dec. 15, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Turkey Toss will be a hybrid event again this year. There will be an in-person event inside the Sarratt Student Center in the Sarratt Art Gallery/Sarratt Cinema lobby and a convenient drive-through option will take place at the Sarratt roundabout on Vanderbilt Place. Participants are invited to take part in either or both experiences.

This year, faculty and staff will have the choice of a Turkey/Tofurkey or a set of special gift items  while supplies last.   

Please note that  participants must have a Vanderbilt ID or proof of employment to pick up an item . If you would like to pick up multiple items for colleagues, a separate Vanderbilt ID is required for each turkey, tofurky or gift item you are picking up.

Drive-through Driving Directions

From West End thru map

  • Drive onto campus from 25th Avenue S. from West End Ave.
  • Take a left onto Vanderbilt Pl.
  • Drive towards Sarratt Student Center at 2301 Vanderbilt Pl.

From Blakemore Ave.

  • Drive onto campus from Blakemore Ave.
  • Take a left onto 25th Ave. 
  • Take a right onto Vanderbilt Pl.
  • Drive towards Sarratt Student Center at 2301 Vanderbilt Pl.

In-Person Turkey Toss Location: Sarratt Student Center Art Gallery (1st floor, directly outside of Sarratt Cinema and near the Sarratt Info Desk) Sarratt Student Center is located at 2301 Vanderbilt Place.

To be a part of the drive-through portion of Turkey Toss, you will drive down Vanderbilt Pl., be asked to roll down your window and show your ID or proof of employment to a volunteer. The volunteer will ask you what giveaway you’d like to select and will place your selection (turkey, Tofurky, or gift items) in your trunk or back seat. Please pop the trunk or unlock your back door for quick access.

For the in-person experience in Sarratt Art Gallery, you will be able to visit each table, explore the space, and enjoy treats. There will be tables directly in front of Sarratt Cinema where you will meet a volunteer who will ask for your ID/proof of employment and your giveaway selection. You will be handed your item and can exit the event upon receipt or remain for your enjoyment.

This year, the gift will be a Vanderbilt tote bag AND bento/lunch box.

 TT gift tote and bento box


When is Turkey Toss?
Turkey Toss, both the in-person and drive-through event, will take place on Friday, December 15 from 7am-6pm.

Where will Turkey Toss take place?
The drive-through event will take place on Vanderbilt Pl. in front of Sarratt Student Center.

Driving Directions from West End Ave.

  • Drive onto campus on 25th Avenue S. from West End Ave.
  • Take a left onto Vanderbilt Pl.
  • Drive towards Sarratt Student Center located at 2301 Vanderbilt Pl.

From Blakemore Ave.

  • From Blakemore Ave. turn onto 25th Ave (Jess Neely).
  • Take a right onto Vanderbilt Pl.
  • Drive towards Sarratt Student Center located at 2301 Vanderbilt Pl.

The in-person event will take place in Sarratt Art Gallery within Sarratt Student Center located at 2301 Vanderbilt Pl. The Art Gallery is located near the Info Desk and Sarratt Cinema on the first floor.

What do I need to secure my Turkey Toss giveaways?
Please bring your Vanderbilt ID to secure your Turkey Toss giveaway. If you do not have an employee ID, please bring proof of employment.

Who is eligible for Turkey Toss?
Turkey Toss is for Vanderbilt University faculty, staff and post docs. VUMC employees are not eligible to receive Vanderbilt University’s Turkey Toss giveaways.

Can I volunteer for Turkey Toss?
Yes, volunteers are needed for Turkey Toss. Volunteers will be needed for the drive-through and in-person portions of the event. Volunteer shifts are 2-hours long and volunteers will be able to secure their giveaway at the conclusion of their shift. Volunteer duties will consist of tossing turkey/Tofurkys, passing out giveaways, and directing traffic. To volunteer, please fill out this form.

What are the giveaway options?
Participants may select a turkey OR Tofurky. If they do not wish to select a turkey or Tofurky, they will receive a special gifts. 

Can I pick up gifts for multiple people?
Yes, we will need proof of employment for each faculty, staff member or post doc. Please contact Hannah Johnson at for any questions about bulk pick-up.

What if I work in another state?
Please have your supervisor or a department liaison reach out to to request Turkey Toss gift items for you. We will not be able to ship you a turkey or Tofurky but we, while supplies last, will be able to send you our special gift items. These items must be picked up by your supervisor or a representative from your department/office/school. Your work unit is responsible for all postage and shipment of items.

Am I allowed to attend both the in-person and drive through portion of Turkey Toss?
Yes, you may attend both, but you can only secure 1 giveaway.

Will there be parking available at Sarratt Student Center?
No, we will not have parking available for participants at Sarratt Student Center.

What happens to leftover turkeys and Tofurkeys?
All leftover food items are donated to Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

Is December 15 the only date that I can secure Turkey Toss Giveaways?
Yes, Turkey Toss takes place one day of the year. We are not able to set aside food or gift items.

Am I guaranteed Turkey Toss Giveaways?
No, all items are only available while supplies last.

Will there be bags available to carry my turkey or Tofurkey if I attend the in-person event?
Yes, we will have bags available, and each turkey also has a handle.

What will happen at the in-person event in Sarratt Art Gallery?
We will have delicious treats catered by Vanderbilt University Catering, tabling by a variety of campus partners who will provide you with helpful information and fun giveaways. Campus partners include Vanderbilt University Athletics, Vanderbilt University Public Safety, Vanderbilt University Human Resources, University Staff Advisory Council (USAC), representatives from our Employee Affinity Groups (EAG), Campus Dining, and a special pop-up by the Vanderbilt University Bookstore. We’ll also have a holiday photo op, a special visit from Officer Jack, one of Vanderbilt University Police Department’s K-9 Officers. Holidays tunes will play throughout the day, and so much more.