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University Official Holidays/Closings

University Holiday Schedule

Holidays/Closing 2016 2017 2018
New Year's Day Friday, Jan. 1 (Sunday, Jan. 1)* Monday, Jan. 1*
Day after New Year's  (Saturday, Jan. 2)  Monday, Jan. 2  Tuesday, Jan. 2 (open) 
Memorial Day Monday, May 30  Monday, May 29* Monday, May 28* 
Independence Day  Monday, July 4 Tuesday, July 4* Wednesday, July 4 
Labor Day  Monday, Sept. 5  Monday, Sept. 4* Monday, Sept. 3
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, Nov. 24 Thursday, Nov. 23* Thursday, Nov. 22
Day after Thanksgiving  Friday, Nov. 25 Friday, Nov. 24 Friday, Nov. 23 
Winter Break Friday, Dec. 23 Friday, Dec. 22 Monday, Dec. 24
Winter Break  (Saturday, Dec. 24)* (Saturday, Dec. 23) Tuesday, Dec. 25
Winter Break (Sunday, Dec. 25)* (Sunday, Dec. 24)* Wednesday, Dec. 26 
Winter Break Monday, Dec. 26 Monday, Dec. 25* Thursday, Dec. 27 
Winter Break Tuesday, Dec. 27 Tuesday, Dec. 26 Friday, Dec. 28 
Winter Break Wednesday, Dec. 28 Wednesday, Dec. 27  (Saturday, Dec. 29)
Winter Break  Thursday, Dec. 29 Thursday, Dec. 28 (Sunday, Dec. 30) 
Winter Break  Friday, Dec. 30  Friday, Dec. 29  Monday, Dec. 31 

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The University never completely closes; some work activities must occur even when classes are not in session. Employees who work on a designated holiday will receive alternate holiday time off or be paid in lieu of taking alternate time off

* Non-exempt staff who work on these days may be eligible for a holiday pay differential.