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End of Employment

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2014


The purpose of this policy is to identify the processes that are necessary at the time an employee terminates employment with Vanderbilt University. The policy applies to all employees including full-time, part-time, regular and term employees. Employees may terminate their employment with Vanderbilt at any time. In addition, Vanderbilt may terminate an employee's employment at any time. When an employee is separated from employment for any reason the supervisor has the responsibility to communicate the separation to Human Resources and other appropriate departments to ensure that the procedures of this policy are followed.


I. Notice Requirements

Employees who resign from Vanderbilt are responsible for providing appropriate written notice of their intent to resign. The notice establishing the end of employment date must be presented to the supervisor. If the notice of intent to resign is given verbally to the supervisor, the supervisor will confirm the acceptance of the resignation in writing. Notice requirements:

  • Hourly paid employees are required to give at least a two week working notice.
  • Salaried employees are required to give at least a one month working notice.
  • Supervisors are not required to allow an employee to rescind a resignation, whether given verbally or in writing, once the resignation has been accepted.
  • Supervisors may choose to pay the employee through the notice period in lieu of requiring the working notice.
  • If an employee provides less notice than is required, the employee may be deemed ineligible for rehire.

This policy applies to resignations, terminations and retirements of Vanderbilt University employees. Some of these steps may be applicable to transfers or employees on leave of absence. Refer to the Transfer Policy. A supervisor faced with an employee desiring to rescind a resignation should consult with their Human Resources Consultant to discuss options.

II. Termination of Employment

Facts and circumstances of each case will determine what action up to and including termination of employment is appropriate. An employee whose employment is terminated and who may present a potential risk to the business operations of Vanderbilt will be directed to leave the campus immediately. Decisions to terminate employment should be made in consultation with Human Resources.

  • Employees who become eligible and receive Long Term Disability insurance will be provided a notice that their employment will be ending. Employees whose employment ends due to receiving Long Term Disability insurance will be eligible for rehire when released to return to work, if applicable. Eligibility for rehire does not guarantee or hold a position

III. Exiting Employees

When an employee ends employment with Vanderbilt the supervisor is responsible for the following steps. These steps should be completed the last day of employment for voluntary separations and at the time of termination for involuntary separations:

  • Initiate the termination documentation by submitting the information in ePAC.
  • Contact Vanderbilt University Information Technology department (VUIT) to coordinate removal of access to Vanderbilt systems and services.

Vanderbilt's systems and services are intended for business activity, and must be protected against activity that does not represent the business interest of the University. Systems and services may include but are not limited to local area networks, dial-in network access, shared file space, e-mail and various clinical, departmental, employee, financial and student information systems and applications. If a business need exists, the manager may coordinate with VUIT to set up an auto-response to notify sender how to direct the email traffic.

IV. Separation Process Checklist

  • Retrieve any Vanderbilt property such as: ID badge, access cards, V-net card, credit cards (procurement, American Express), pager, keys, uniforms/scrubs, computer equipment (make arrangements to retrieve any VU equipment that may be at home or off-site), telephone, etc.
  • Contact Accounting to remove signature authority.
  • Discuss and make arrangements with the employee for the disposal or collection of any Vanderbilt information or Vanderbilt Licensed Software that they may have in his/her possession (i.e. Alternative Work Arrangement agreements).
  • Cancel voice mail and long distance calling cards (V-net, ATT).
  • Arrange for removal of account or access information from card access systems.
  • Exit interviews may be scheduled with Human Resources for voluntary separations.
  • Cancel or exchange memberships and/or subscriptions as necessary.
  • Explain that continuation of benefits information (COBRA) will be sent by mail from Benefits Express.
  • Contact Human Resources for a Notice of Separation.

V. Payout Requirement

Employees separating employment from Vanderbilt may or may not be paid for unused PTO. Please review PTO policies. Human Resources is available as a resource for any clarification or assistance in the administration of this policy.

It is advisable to establish a department central e-mail address to respond to time sensitive business contacts.


This policy is intended as a guideline to assist in the consistent application of University policies and programs for employees. The policy does not create a contract implied or expressed, with any Vanderbilt employees, who are employees at will. Vanderbilt reserves the right to modify this policy in whole or in part, at any time, at the discretion of the University.

Approved by Traci K. Nordberg, Chief Human Resources Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor

Approved by Eric Kopstain, Vice Chancellor for Administration