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This section gives you the steps that are needed to ensure your hiring is finalized in a timely manner and to ensure your first few days at Vanderbilt are successful. The university will provide a computer and/or other necessary equipment required to perform essential job functions. Your manager/leader will work with you on this, any apps and or software you may need, as well as provide any guidance to the following:

Complete both sections of I-9 before start date

When instructed, claim VUNetId 

Identify & set-up designated off-campus workspace

Hybrid work: Obtain ID badge from Card Office and set-up commute/parking 

Remote work: Receive and set-up equipment &

  • Contact IT if need assistance
  • Additional information on working remotely can be found on the VUIT website
  • Once phone number is available, update Personal information in Oracle and update People Finder to ensure Outlook is updated.
  • Familiarize yourself with the university’s policies .

As an important part of the Vanderbilt Community, this section will help you if you are moving to a remote or hybrid work arrangement.

Identify & set-up designated off-campus workspace

Should have computer and other necessary equipment required to perform essential job functions.

  • Laptop is up-to-date with camera and microphone working properly in all apps.

  Commuter and Parking Options for If/When You Come to Campus

Did you know?

  • There are a range of parking options including daily parkint this is offered to meet your schedule and commute needs. The amount you pay helps Vanderbilt maintain its parking lots and garages, funds transportation programs and ensures everyone follows regulations.
  • Vanderbilt provides the MoveVU Commute Hub, which includes an app and website that provides all your commute information in one place. The Hub allows you to understand your commute options, log your daily commute in the Commute Calendar feature, connect with others interested in carpooling or vanpooling, and see the impact you make when choosing sustainable commutes. The MoveVU Commute Hub is also the essential component of our daily parking program to earn incentives and check parking availability.
  • You can use your Vanderbilt University ID card to ride any WeGo Public Transit bus or train in the region for free through the EasyRide program. These can be for any trips, not just your commute to campus.
  • Carpooling is a great way to share on gas costs, avoid wear and tear on personal vehicles, save money on parking, and spend more time connecting with fellow Vanderbilt community members.
  • Approximately 26% of Vanderbilt commuters live within a 1-mile radius of campus, roughly a 20-minute walk. There are many health and wellness benefits to walking.

As a new Vanderbilt community member, you will need to think about when and how you commute to campus. You have likely thought about when and how you commute to campus. Housing (rent or mortgage) and transportation (commute to work, school, and errands) are the two biggest monthly costs for most households. Vanderbilt is constructing new infrastructure, creating programs, and updating workplace policies to encourage a conversation about your commute with your supervisor and Vanderbilt transportation experts, so there is less of a need to drive your vehicle each day. These activities are rooted in MoveVU, Vanderbilt’s strategic transportation and mobility plan. Diversifying your transportation options, reducing drive alone rates to campus, prioritizing walking and biking, and improving accessibility are central tenets of MoveVU. You have a daily decision on how you commute to campus, and by carpooling, vanpooling, taking transit, walking, or biking for some of our trips just one day per week, we can collectively move Vanderbilt towards its sustainability goals, reduce your commuting costs, and add time back in your day.

Visit MoveVU’s website at and click on the tabs to learn more about transportation and parking options.

Transportation experts in Vanderbilt’s Transportation & Mobility Office can also assist with questions you may have about your commute and can help you think about options that might suit your needs today or in the future when you have life changes such as moving to a new home or kids graduating from school. E-mail them at