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What is the purpose of census?

The Future of Work committee realized that a targeted effort to improve the accuracy of staff data was needed to ensure that university decisions are based on complete and up to date information about Vanderbilt staff. The census was also motivated by the recognition that data should reflect inclusionary best practices.

In the new census, gender options have been updated to reflect a broad range of identities. It will soon be possible to have your preferred name on your Commodore Card, and this census is the first step in that process. Those with non-U.S. citizenships can share their citizenships if they choose. Certain groups such as veterans are not easily identified in the existing employee data, making it difficult to support these groups and track the impact of initiatives.

All new items are optional, but additional data will help provide a more accurate understanding of the university community. Staff will also have the option to learn more about the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and provide their contact information if they are interested in their programming. More information on name changes for faculty and staff can be found on the EDI website.