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Changes to Records


This webpage addresses Employee Information Changes and Job Changes, listing which forms are to be used for the various types of changes to records, and providing samples and instructions (if there are none on the form itself).

[Note: Do not use these procedures for Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) students workers. Contact Student Financial Aid (Student Employment) directly for any changes to FWSP student workers or FWSP positions. Also, refer to the Student Employment Website.

Employee Information Changes

These changes are processed directly by the employee without departmental approval with the Personal Information Change Form.

  • Name change (must be accompanied by a new Social Security card, W-4)
  • Military status change
  • Race, sex, disability, and veteran status

The following should be changed using the employee self-service tool, Connect to HR (C2HR):

  • Home address change
  • Home phone number change
  • Emergency notification contact change
  • Direct deposit or paycheck distribution change

The following forms are also available at Human Resources, Baker Building, 10th floor, 110 21st Ave. S.

  • W-4 form- Change in federal tax withholding allowances and/or amounts, or marital tax status
  • Form I-9: Work authorization status changes and updates

Name Changes

An employee must submit the Personal Information Change Form and a copy of his/her new social security card to initiate a name change, with a revised W-4 form. A Personnel Action Form is not required to process name changes.

Note: Changes in Marital Status require the employee to notify the Benefits Office to make any change in marital status that may impact benefits coverage.